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  • Saved by the rain! I'm happy the US sneaked through, even though they played horribly and benefited from the slow pace of that game. Good luck against Belgium; it won't be easy, but who knows. And I just hope that Germany makes it to the end. I just think that Lahm as a right-wing full-back and Kroos-Schwiney as defensive midfielders, with an additional forward, would work best.

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  • You cannot talk trash about the US moving forward and be okay with Greece going through. They are much worse.

  • Everyone that is saying that we depended on another match's result to move on as if that is a negative, clearly does not understand group play. We beat Ghana. We almost beat Portugal, but they were able to tie in the final seconds. We were outclassed by Germany, but for the most part who isn't? They've made it to the final 8 since 1954. In the group stage, it is statistically MORE likely that the teams that advance rely on results from other matches. It's to determine the best two of the group on average before moving to the knockout stage. That's how it works. If you're talking trash about the US moving forward, you're a sore loser. True story.

  • I got 8 thumbs down for my comment that THE USA could reach the world cup quarter finals, where are the thumbs down bandits now? Germany hammered USA and beat them 1-0, hammered Portugal and beat them 4-0. Portugal obviously the better side and Ghana too, but the Americans showed the most resilience and fight with a crop of average players from the MLS..

  • @spursman- There's as much chance of the US making the quarters as there was Tottenham doing anything worthwile after getting rid of Bale. Oh and thumbs down from me making 6, 2 more to go. :p

  • @spursman Where the thumbs down are? Well, you've got 3 of them again.

  • Germany had like 888 touches

  • @benchmark04 666

  • USA. Now shush ya'll.

  • Neuer didn't have a single save in this entire game. He could as well had brought out a lounge chair and an umbrella for the 2nd half.

  • very boring match Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • germany is so klose to goal :p

  • Klose to score FT 1-0 for Germans

  • @analyst eventually 2-0 with muller lol

  • Fixed

  • This World cup is such a disgrace.. Brasil as a host is terrible, they paint grass, referee are blind or insane.. etc! Over all of that -they FIX GAMES! This game is fixed!

  • This is a fixed game. It will end 0-0. Both teams qualify.

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  • I say Germany 3-1

  • Miro klose will mark his record here

  • @birw1 oh really?

  • 1-0 Go USA.

  • Here goes the world cup pick 1.us vs ger 2.5 .over 2.portugal win 3.algeria win 3 folder win make your wallet heavy

  • A draw

  • Will be draw, white house factor.

  • Germany will win this 2-0

  • germany win 2-1 my prediction

  • Germany is eons better than the US of A-- most especially without Altidore. You can believe all you want but, barring some miracle, Germany will win outright here. 3-1 is my prediction

  • My prediction: 2-2