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  • Rakitic missed a great scoring oportunity, a 1 on 1. Does this effect the raitings or not!?

  • time to think about your future at barca song

  • Cameroon is a disgrace. They should have stayed home as they were threatening to do. Sell outs.

  • Bundesliga Scoring Night

  • one of the most boring match I've seen

  • @flyindream You're a bit late Iran vs Nigeria was days ago.

  • @flyindream You must be from Cameroon

  • @flyindream Yeah, 4 goals, a few more good goal opportunities, a bar hit. How boring!

  • @Capitano 2 sides combined is 35 shots, is the most creative game, the boring one is IRN vs NGR

  • @SoccerAnalyst yh

  • whoa unexpected, super mario..

  • song goes home like his spanish friends :)

  • @KingSchultz Well that would've been funny if only Song had any Spanish friends. One of the most useless player in La Liga. Barca players probably don't even like him.

  • @TheFactsProvider Barca totally ruined him. He was a great midfielder in Arsenal.

  • @Sinaj A couple assists for Van Persie doesn't mean he was any good.

  • @TheFactsProvider ahah maybe you're right!


  • @interxvita absolutely right

  • @interxvita yeah sure

  • Sammir will start instead of Kovačić.

  • @Ivannnnn Good call.

  • Croatia will dominate this game 0-2 look great, but cameroon not such blunt, my prediction 1-3 ,And modric be the M0TM

  • come on Rakitic show your magic!

  • 0-2 for Croatia

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • eto'o is injured .... i think that cameroon have no chance to win

  • I think Croatia wins 1-0 or 2-1