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Comments (91)

  • Australia won my heart

  • Australia were the better team. No doubt about it. Netherlands suck cock... favours from referee and huge error by Ryan gifted them the game.

  • Australia should definitely play Langerak. Ryan was useless.

  • very good team australia!!!

  • depay man of the match

  • Btw, the penalty was ball to hand. It was a very harsh decision. I understand the comments were made when the game was getting played. But come on, it was a bad decision. Yes it hit his hand, but it certainly wasn't deliberate handball.

  • @RelentlessPressure anyone disagreeing needs to learn the offside ruel

  • @RelentlessPressure he increased his "shot-blocking-area" with his arms, which is not allowed that's only for goalkeepers... he has seen that there will be a shot

  • @RelentlessPressure Wasn't deliberate but the hand prevented the ball from getting into a dangerous area.

  • @Ivannnnn It must be deliberate, even on the line

  • @RelentlessPressure Yes, but veteran defenders will put their arms behind their backs to eliminate even the chance of a penalty decision.

  • @RelentlessPressure Putting your hand in that position in penalty area, while your opponent is trying to cross the ball into it, is as deliberate as it gets.

  • @El_Duderino His arm was by his side. He needs to put his arm somewhere to maintain balance!

  • Tim Cahill is a boss.

  • @RelentlessPressure He leaves everything on the pitch when he plays for his country. 5 world cup goals is incredible.

  • It is now official that Sneijder is way past his prime. Terrible games thus far.

  • @dastyyy the point with sneijder is how the dutch play football, he has really been not required. If I can change it a little bit, its not sneijder's problem, the player in that position has not been required in the formation the dutch play and how they play.

  • @dastyyy his performance vs Spain was alot worse than today's I thought, kinda looks like he's either lost the love for the game or like you said his past his prime

  • @dastyyy Sneijder was no where to be seen in this match. He was probably admiring some of the Brazilian women in the crowd and forgot he was suppose to be playing a match. He did not even deserve a as high as 6.5

  • @dastyyy I agree, he was woeful

  • Australia has 6 players of Croatian origins including Mile Jedinak and Mark Bresciano. Funny fact.

  • @Ivannnnn Well.. not that funny to anyone who has followed Australia in any way for the past 50 years. I thought it was common-fact that Australia was the biggest source of Croatian & Serbian immigrants in 60s and 70s.. the children of those Serbs & Croats are now pretty Australian assimilated (except for their surnames). The funnier fact would be that many of those immigrants who went to Australia during those times were considered to be the biggest nationalists Yugoslavia saw at that time.. Ustase/Cetnici.. it's no secret many of these people would have been prosecuted by Tito for nationalism and likely sentenced to Goli Otok.

  • The Netherlands did nothing in this match to deserve a point let alone all 3 points. If Australia had a bit more cutting edge and more quality in the final 3rd they would've won this game easily. To think Tim Cahill has 5 World Cup goals playing in a very average Australia team against teams like Chile and the Netherlands while Rooney couldn't even score a single goal against teams like Algeria and Slovenia. Laughable.

  • @TheFactsProvider The Netherlands easily deserved one point, maybe three. I would agree if you were speaking about the 1st half, as they looked awful. After Depay came on, they had much more creativity and it paid off in the end.

  • @TheFactsProvider Tim Cahill is a very good player. He was always underrated, even in his prime when playing for Everton. Their main problem is the back four and the keeper. They always look wide open. It's a shame Schwarzer retired for them.

  • @RelentlessPressure I never said he wasn't a good player.

  • @TheFactsProvider I know. I was just making a comment.

  • Great spirit from the Aussies considering the lack of quality in their team...

  • @morningstar Yep, even if they go down in the end, they go down in a blaze of glory. They had a chance to beat the Netherlands today, virtually nobody expected them to take anything out of this cup.

  • Wow, Dutch strike back 2-2

  • how is that a DELIBERATE hand ball

  • @kamso i agree and i am Dutch. I would say it was an easy given penalty if it was the other way around. His arm is down by his side. You dont want this sport to turn into field hockey where the attackers deliberately try to hit the opponents shoe to get a corner (in football a penalty).

  • @kamso every defender knows he need to put his arms against his body

  • @TDC314 there is no rule saying he has to put his arms next to his body

  • @kamso again I agree. If we start considering these as penaltys attackers will start looking to kick the ball against a defenders hand. Thats not what you want in football.

  • @kamso wtf, it is a clear penalty.

  • how is that a DELIBERATE hand ball

  • Oh come on...that wasn't Blind assist, just goal from Robben.

  • Funny, Australia with more possession, arial succsess, shots, dribbels, better passing and more corners ... Did not expect that!

  • @neumi17 those are stats ! How can't you give thumbs down for obvious stats?

  • Holland needs a good opponent to play well with their counterattack style. Against little teams where they have to make the game themself they lack creativity .

  • @neumi17 Wait for second half

  • @neumi17 exactly that, Australia were never going to give Holland the kind of space Spain allowed them to have in the opening game

  • @Titou14 Spain played a high defence line and their center backs played like crap. That's exactly what suits Holland.

  • Australia must win this

  • Robben does, what people expected from Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo. Best dribbler on the planet right now ...

  • Cahill for ballon d'or

  • What a beast. Doesn't matter if you like or dislike Bayern and the Netherlands, Robben is one hell of a player.

  • @Cherk he's gonna be mvp of this cup

  • @Cherk he's gonna be mvp

  • Robben !!! :D

  • @Titou14 cahill !!! :D

  • Netherlands favourite today against Australia who will win today by 4-0 Goals.

  • AUS Gonna plays defence games or (bus parking) and quick counter, also the NED will not play the same lineups they fought ESP against AUS, so probably it'll end in a draw.

  • @SoccerAnalyst what are you on about, mate? A draw? lol

  • @SoccerAnalyst You cannot be serious! there is no way this game will end in a draw. The Netherlands have named the same line up as the spain game. Why rest players when you still need to qualify and the players have enough rest between games? Just doesn't make sense. SoccerAnalst? ha!

  • how many here from asia?

  • Lirik Lagu Ramli Sarip Nyanyian Serambi tuai pagi balik petang adakala sampai malam cari rezeki bawa pulang buat orang yang tersayang bersabarlah wajahmu di mana-mana senyum kasih mesra kasih cinta murni kan bersemi bersama ketulusan budi bersemilah lama ku cari rahsia kasih rindu kasih untuk berkasih senang2 duduk diserambi senandung lagu puisi zikir zaman nyanyian zaman andai kasturi hilang harum mawar tak berkuntum cinta tak bersambung biar emas setinggi gunung kan ku peluk rimbun ampun rahmat yang Maha Agung

  • @akuadekn RIGHT!?

  • Australia will be no push overs. They will be pumped for this.

  • 3 hour 20 minutes to go, can't wait

  • come on rvp, show your best performance tonight, we love you

  • 1-2 for Holland

  • netherland 5-0 chile van persie hatrick

  • @akuadekn now the game is between netherland and australia........

  • You have to think Holland, no offense to Oz fans. 0-3

  • @mike1313 you're not offending anyone, I'm Australian and think it'll be double that 6-0 at least if Netherlands play the same way. It'll be a win if it's anything less.

  • Milligan has been ruled out and won't play.

  • I am hoping Australia to win, but if there's luck, game could be draw. Otherwise holland wins.

  • 0-3

  • Come on Australia :D

  • @gkmd haha no chance lol