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  • This was always going to be a 0-0 draw. I didn't even bother watching it. Not even going to waste time watching the highlights, although I doubt there where probably no highlights to show.

  • @TheFactsProvider I actually thought it was a good game to watch for a 0-0

  • @RelentlessPressure Well at least someone enjoyed it. Good for you.

  • @TheFactsProvider There were certainly highlights. An early red card and some great saves, particularly from the Japanese keeper. A very spirited performance from 10 men, which made it interesting tactically. The Greeks had so little of the ball and without a striker were forced to take some big risks in defence too. Some great last ditch defending from the Greeks. Samaras almost lobbed the keeper from half way. A true football fan that understands the game inside out would have enjoyed this match.

  • samaras is completely useless i hate him

  • @fafaq most useless players 1: samaras 2: kalou

  • I think we might assist to a boring game. japanese strikers won't find any spaces trough greece defence 0-0

  • Why you no start me Zaccaroni?

  • 2-0