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  • This rating system is embarrassing to put Messi that high, just shows how missleading it can be.

  • argentina was nothing,,,nothing,,,nothinggg

  • messi was statistically better against iran than bosnia, yet his rating against bosnia was 9.2. how can 'but whoscored.com ratings are based on algorithms' explain this?

  • This game can not really be compared, or used as a measure in any other game. No other team in this sport is playing around with a tired game as Iran plays so the Argentinean attack will work a lot better when your opponent is trying to attack even.

  • I'm proud of my team. Argentina was the huge favourites but we controlled the game perfectly for 91 minutes. We could have a penalty kick and ofcouse we could have scored in open play when Dejagah Head kick went just milimeters wide. Argentina got lucky. I do not think they can go far after this stage. They have no plan. They just pass it to Messi and wish his natural talent to win the game for them. Sorry. Germany, Holland or France will destroy you.

  • @Sinaj Ludicrous. How can a team control a game with just over 100 passes completed, no goals and 3 shots from open play? I'll never join the overenthusiastic people who say putting 10 men behind the ball and aiming only to defend is "genius" tactics. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the point is to WIN the game right? You can't have different standards for different teams. As a not so great American football coach once said: YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.

  • @jnsbstn you know greece won the european championship in 2004? and spain was beaten 5-1 regardless their 'dominant' passing. even finland managed to defend a 1-1 draw against spain in the qualifiers!

  • @Sinaj I don´t know if Iran controlled the game, but have the most the clearest scoring plays, Argentina plays to nothing, good display of heart by Iran but bad luck

  • Oh yeah, great game Iranians! Dejagah, I mean - totally penalty, right?

  • Iran are going home without scoring a goal


  • @mahdibelly The Referee hit the ball 3 times in the game,Two of them happened while IRAN was agressing into Argentina....& He DIDN'T WHISTLE for TWO PENALTIES for Iran.Iran could win the game,But two people brought about this outcome: firt:The referee & second LEO MESSI

  • iran>argentina

  • proud of ur performance Iraninans> Eeven though Im not even Iraianan it goes to show outsiders like appreciate good football frm unexpected sources. well i agree wid majority here that IRianins could won this match given 2 penalties. but hey this football. Still im root for either germany and argentina for this tournament. Hey TEAM IRAN ur awesome play made a fan ur team.

  • Lavezzi played well

  • the sum of Iranian player price in transfer market is less than 1/3 lionel messi price. But they played really well and even could win the game in referee got the penalty on Dejagah. however I tink Iran deserved atleast a drew. we proud of you Princes of Persia :*