Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(4) 3 Goals 2 (3)
(3) 3 Assists 1 (1)
(6.7) 6.9 Average Ratings 6.7 (6.4)
33.2 Average Age 33.1
182.6 Average Height (cm) 180.4
(1.1) 1 Shots pg 2.8 (2.2)
(50%) 51% Aerial Duel Success 43% (39%)
(0.8) 0.8 Dribbles pg 0.9 (1)
(1.6) 1.5 Tackles pg 1.6 (1.6)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in World Cup grp. G.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Jozy Altidore Doubtful 6.56
Player Reason Status Rating
Fábio Coentrão Out 5.71
Hugo Almeida Out 5.99
Pepe Out 6.16

Team News

  • Jürgen Klinsmann had positive news to report with regards to injuries picked up by Jozy Altidore and Matt Besler in the opener against Ghana last time out.
  • Though the former is still certainly a doubt, his tournament may not be over following his hamstring injury, while Besler should be fit enough to feature on Sunday.
  • Chris Wondolowski will hope for his chance to lead the line ahead of Johansson, or Clint Dempsey could be deployed as a lone striker with Graham Zusi in contention out wide.
  • It was a nightmare start for Paulo Bento as Pepe was sent off and will face a suspension, while both Hugo Almeida and Fábio Coentrão were forced off through injury against Germany, with the latter's tournament now over.
  • Having played almost an hour with 10-men the coach may look to make changes to avoid fatigue, with the likes of William Carvalho and Hélder Postiga coming into contention.
  • Ricardo Costa and André Almeida will come into the starting backline, with goalkeeper Rui Patricio's place potentially under threat after a poor showing against Germany.


  • Portugal no doubt need the win more of these two sides so they are likely to try and play on the front foot from the start, though they will need to be wary on the counter given the key absentees in their backline.
  • USA will try to match their opponents' intensity early on but will sit deep knowing that a draw could yet be enough to see them through.
  • Bento will be hoping that Cristiano Ronaldo's fitness improves between now and the weekend as he could well be the decider against a team willing to be patient for their chances to break.
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User Predictions

Comments (89)

  • portugal would be more stronger without ronaldo, ronaldo want all passes all balls, he breaks team balance!! if you think that 1 assist in 2 match is a success, ok, but it is not.

  • @fafaq actually they dont have a good striker also ._.

  • @fafaq solution: ronaldo should play as a striker :3

  • Shots: Ronaldo 14-5 Muller Goals: Ronaldo 0-3 Muller

  • @Thanh @Thanh Muller has Ozil, Gotze, Shwiney, Lahm, Kroos to assist him. Ronaldo is alone, so he has to try his best from outside of the box. Muller is a fox in the box player. Ronaldo is more kind of distance shooter in Portugal.

  • @Sinaj- So how do you explain Madrid where he has Di Maria, Bale, Benzema, Modric, Alonso etc to assist him but he still shoots from wherever he is on the pitch, takes every free kick etc but still takes 7 shots to score a goal? That's the same as Griezmann and more than Benzema (6), Messi in his "worst" season so far (5.8), Vela (5.3), Costa (4) and Sanchez (3.4). Ronaldo is undoubtedly a great player but is hardly Mr Potent in front of goal.

  • 14 — Cristiano Ronaldo is the player to have the most shots during this World Cup without scoring.

  • Truly heartbreaking ending for the USA. They deserved the win, honestly. Now it's going to be really, really tough to lose by less than two goals next week.

  • @antonsmith are you on drugs? Portugal needs to beat Ghana by 4 goals to advance, and Ghana needs to beat Portugal, and USA to lose in order for them to advance. I don't see either Portugal or Ghana beating each other, it will be a draw or a portugal win.

  • @DelJuve Actually I am quite sober. A 3-goal loss against Germany is a quite plausible outcome, unless you expect some sort of Miracle on Grass. That would put the US differential to -2 and Ghana would advance with a draw. The way Portugal and Ghana played so far, with the injury to CR7 and the exhausting season he had in Europe, I would expect a 1-goal Ghana win. All this to say, the US team had to last for 25 more seconds, for goodness' sake. They had it.

  • @antonsmith Actually, Ghana would not advance at all with a draw. Sorry about that, I am still shocked by the game. They could advance with a win under the second scenario, though.

  • @DelJuve It depends on how many goals Germany is going to score against USA

  • @hellreaper okay, we will. USA was also going to get destroyed by Portugal, so was Costa Rica by Uruguay and Italy. Oh, and Iran by Argentina. lol

  • Please tell me: what NONSENSE was Bradley doing on that turnover that led to the 2nd Portugal goal? Kick the ball out of bounds, for goodness sake!

  • @Mr.Parker if he kicks the ball the clock runs out we win the game. He hasn't been himself the past two games

  • I don't think Zusi deserved the 7.7 that he got. Him and Fabian Johnson should trade the match ratings.

  • Eder Pass accuracy 100 % ?? This guy lost every ball...!

  • @neumi17 they took the ball from him, so that does not affect his passing accuracy

  • Ronaldo didn't deserve the 7.9 whoscored gave him. More like a 6.9.

  • @Mr.Parker he made an assist and some badass technique, so he deserve it.

  • @bagbonized He made an assist in the 95 th minute! And you don't get high Rating for " bad ass technique " in no mans land. You get it for measurable action in the game. And those stats were mediocre ...

  • I love how there are people who act like Ronaldo is a bad player. I love this page, because of the stats and so on. But there are people commenting on this site who have no idea of football and this is a shame.

  • Ricardo Quaresma watched this game in a giant screen while drinking some beers

  • @hellreaper we miss that guy

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • cristiano ronaldo 7.9? one assist is all he did

  • @le_chimiste He played this game like a teamplayer. He had some good actions and assisted for the goal. I think he deserves att least a 7.5, so the 7.9 is not too far stretched.

  • @Capitano for what he did 7.2-7.3 would've been enough, Brazil doesn't suits him, too hot for him :D

  • @Capitano yeah well what about the missed shot when portugal was on counterattack, he should've hit at least the target- he qualified portugal with 2 goals coming from a similar situation( if he would've scored on that counterattack then he would've deserved an 8)

  • @Capitano- Yeah, to be fair it's the first game he's ever played which was for the team so deserves a 10. :p

  • ronaldo 7.9 rating? ahaha

  • LOL

  • Goal lol

  • The Ronalda fanboys that are going to be cryinng on this page when this game finishes... oh my, I'm laughing already!

  • @alexreg I love how you laugh about Cristiano Ronaldo for no exact reason. You just hate on him like he killed your dog. It would be a shame if Ronaldo or Messi had to go home before the quarter finals, but these things happen in football.

  • @Capitano Oh my god, so Messi HAS to prove EVERY game that he is the best ever or you morons would be all over the internet hating, and Ronaldo can just play like a retard, not scoring not doing a thing but he is still the best! But I am glad we can finnaly see on the international level who is who.

  • @Capitano You see, that is the difference. I cheer for teams, not for players. When Argentina or Portugal suck, they totally deserve to go home. How can you cheer for a country because of one player ?

  • maybe someday Cristina Ronaldo will be good enough to make a MLS squad

  • @professionalanalyst He already is.

  • USA USA USA. <3 Now I want to see those idiots talking crap about America, and that Americans can't play "SOCCER." We are going to top the group.

  • @DelJuve That's true.

  • @DelJuve The guy who has 15 accounts lol get a life.

  • @DelJuve Going to be tough against Germany, should be a great match.

  • @Villa They should do what West Germany and Austria did in the 1982 World Cup: Both teams knew that they both would advance if West Germany won 1-0, so Austria let in an early goal, and that's how the game ended. And guess what? Klinsmann is German, right? So, they could agree to tie, but they would have to disguise it, so 2-2. Both teams advance.

  • @Mr.Parker What a shame, you are talkin like this. Setting up matches destroys the football beauty.

  • Ronaldo is going home, bye bye :-)

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • ronaldo go home pls

  • my jesus, football is really strange. i don't like at all american players except bradley and dempsey, anyway, yes, they deserved it, they deserve to pass group stage. so, good luck to americans, they really outplayed portugal and ronaldo. :D

  • Disappointing world cup for Portugal. Well...at least Paulo Bento will be sacked :)

  • Those skills by ronaldo omg

  • @MeladT What skills ? He is one of the most predictable players. Unlike other players he doesn`t uses his tricks to get by defenders but for show only. He is not good in dribbling and can be taken out of the game easyly when marked properly, since he lacks creativity to do something surpriding except speed...

  • Kyle Beckerman should have been expelled at minute 14.

  • That was a great save.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • I would like to see US to win this, They have got a good team, Portugal is weaker than usually. Let's see.

  • RelentlessPressure, but... Ronaldo is weak right now, he might only play 45 min or less.

  • @WillWACCM He's not weak, I don't know where that info came from

  • @Hulk3193 Because of his knee injury.

  • @antonsmith Ronaldo is ok.. he is not at his best but he is fine to play! Portugal 2-0 USA, btw

  • @sen1 Obviously he tries to play eveything for his country, but he is injured. His knee injury was not fully recovered when he played in champions league final, and it made his condition worse.

  • Everything depends on Ronaldo. If he doesn't score then USA will win. Ronaldo is also capable of winning the game alone.

  • @RelentlessPressure but... Ronaldo is weak right now, he might only play 45 min or less.

  • @WillWACCM he's fully fit


  • Portugal has very weak team, with Postiga and Nani as striker.

  • @jareczka so funny!

  • @jareczka LMAO

  • cristiano to score 5.

  • 2-2

  • 4-0 for USA trust me :D

  • Murica

  • Anyone know about Ronaldo's condition?

  • @kangs He going on, but he's still weak, so he might only play half a match. Im betting on USA!

  • Portugal has some players that are in underperformance at the moment but I hope they win...

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Go Portugal, we will this one (sorry USA)! P.S. - Patrício is out for the next two games with an injury BTW :)

  • @Hulk3193 And Meireles will play for sure!

  • I am Portuguese, but I love you USA. GO USA.

  • @DelJuve A Portuguese Juventus fan that is supporting USA in Portugal vs USA. Very believable, buddy. Not even a remotely funny troll.

  • @Focus WFT? I live in Boston, USA. What is wrong with a Portuguese supporting JUventus? lol I am a Sporting CP fan as well. I have been living out of portugal all my life, jack.

  • draw


  • @SoccerAnalyst is a crying baby :D

  • 2:1

  • Portugal can't draw...

  • @hellreaper And they can't win...

  • This comment has been deleted.