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  • Koreans were terrible in 1st. but in 2nd half they played EPL style football.

  • Please Vaha, come coach your birth country soon. Susic is completely insane!

  • To all of those who cry about dribbles and so on, click on "Top Performers" above statistics on the right and look for the other stats such as KEY PASSES for instance.. Dribbles are the key to break down defenses .. just because they always don't lead to goals, doesn't mean they do not matter... For example, Son made also 3 effective clearances ...

  • lol a surprising good game. Thank God South Korea lost.

  • hell yeah, this is football ! finally!

  • nice match, but where is korean 'dae han min guk' cheer? :)

  • Heung-Min man of the match, because of "stats"? Don't thinks so, he just gets the star, cuz he's the most famous player among this teams.

  • @El_Duderino This rating system is extremely flawed.

  • @El_Duderino whoscored rate dribbles highly

  • pleasant match.

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  • Brahimi is a good player, Algeria can win this

  • I think Algeria should win this and Feghouli man of the match

  • As a Korean I wish we get this game but it's not so positive. I think Algeria is stronger than Russia in this group. And we can't say we are much better most positions but I am certain Son hungmin's position is far much better than Algeria. This young gun will score this time and MOM is his.

  • @kangs lol

  • Poor team + poor team = poor match

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  • @TheFactsProvider im sure that match will be more exciting than ENGLAND - URUGUAY!!!

  • I think we can see some goals from Korea. One of Algeria player interviewed and wishes not to say his name but players will not listen to coach due to lost at Belgium, they are on their own.

  • 2-1

  • @SoccerAnalyst yes, surely ahah

  • algeria will destroy South Korea

  • @Hamza97 good prediction :)

  • @Hamza97 I predicted C.RIca won, Japan draw, Russia draw. Algeria win? I don't think so. Algeria team is not that strong , recently there was not good relationship with coaches,what I heard from

  • Korea will win easily on this match.

  • @flyindream 3-1

  • @flyindream It should be opposite and near missed to 4-1

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