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  • Statistics show that Galatasaray was better than Chelsea.

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  • hahahh!!! i think this is a result both teams deserve, it's very fair 2day!!

  • hajrovic worste player i ever seen

  • Hah! Torressss

  • another 2-0 against the english teams maybe.

  • Chelsea to win but the Drogs will terrorize Cahill and Terry. CFC 3 - Gala 1

  • 1-3

  • 0-0

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  • i think Gala will find it hard to score against Chelsea, Jose's team is set up more defensibly and Gala dont have any speed upfront, they will play long balls but Cahil/Terry/Cesar and Ivanovic wont allow much, they have the height advantage, i see Chelsea whopping Galatasaray 3-0

  • correct score 1-2

  • Soo predicable EPL team in UCL versus any team Galatasaray 2 Chelsea 0 easy


  • Correct Score: 1-3

  • both to score and chelsea to win

  • Chelsea win.

  • Excuse me but this is the first time whoscored has disappointed me. First of all Bruma is injured and he probably will miss the World Cup. Secondly he is on loan and right now is in the squad of Gaziantep until the end of the season. A little more research would have just been better since this is a Champions League game.

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  • Im sorry but I don't think it will be 1-1 we (Chelsea) are starting to develop well, and our defence has tighten up really good, I predict final score 2-1 or 2-0 Chelsea, with galatasaray putting up a good challenge first half.

  • bayuewalker vc tem algum twiter ou facebook?

  • This Roberto Mancini v Jose Mourinho battle could be tight, particularly the first leg in Istanbul and taking the draw looks the best value. Galatasaray have got a lot of European experience in their ranks and took four points off Juventus in the group stage, while Chelsea have tightened up at the back in recent matches. I think This Game Will Be Draw Or Chelsea Win :D