Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(21) 16 Goals 13 (19)
(15) 6 Assists 8 (15)
(7) 7.2 Average Ratings 7 (6.8)
32.4 Average Age 32
176.7 Average Height (cm) 183.9
(1.3) 1.2 Shots pg 1.3 (1.1)
(51%) 53% Aerial Duel Success 58% (56%)
(1.1) 1.2 Dribbles pg 0.8 (1)
(1.3) 1.7 Tackles pg 1.4 (1.6)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Isaac Cuenca Out N/A
Jonathan dos Santos Out N/A
Andrés Iniesta Out 7.66
Player Reason Status Rating
Martín Demichelis Out 6.61
Matija Nastasic Doubtful 6.86
Stevan Jovetic Doubtful N/A

Team News

  • Barcelona fell to a shock 1-0 defeat to Valladolid on Saturday, though they hold the upper hand for the welcome of City.
  • Andrés Iniesta missed the weekend encounter due to a family bereavement and is expected to sit this one out.
  • Isaac Cuenca and Jonathan dos Santos are both injured.
  • Manchester City crashed out of the FA Cup on Sunday and will be looking to make amends with the trip to Barcelona.
  • Martín Demichelis is suspended, while head coach Manuel Pellegrini will serve a touchline ban.
  • Matija Nastasic and Stevan Jovetic are both doubts.


  • Barcelona will be expected to secure their quarter-final place following their 2-0 win over Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, despite succumbing to a disappointing 1-0 loss to Valladolid at the weekend.
  • City were defeated by Championship side Wigan in the FA Cup and will be looking to secure a positive result in Barcelona. However, they face an mountainous task to overcome the 2-goal deficit from the first-leg.
  • Despite their loss to Valladolid, the hosts are expected to pick up the win here.
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User Predictions

Comments (70)

  • @bradley.panton well great fact mention on ur part bro.

  • Clealy the worst player for barca is Neymar in this game. The only positive thing abt him was the disallowed goal. Wasting chances after chances. Way too much greedy and easily falling down. None of Barca players are cheaters that is a fact. But Neymar is the only guy fall down slightest of touches. He is waste like hell. Can't believe he is being paid more than Messi. Wat a stupidity. PSG Man and City also spend lofty but can any1 point any one in there who earn more than stupid Neymar. Barring Zlatan. Wat did Neymar do earn such big pay cheque in the first place.

  • No one's mentioned this but Agüero had 6 touches and 1 pass completed.

  • @MHoY - Watch football from your eyes , not A** ! Neymar is overrated fag.

  • Neymar is the worst deal I've ever seen: 100M and an inquiry for just another Sanchez. Pedro is clearly better than both.

  • Quite funny to see Barca "fans" complaining about referee. When referee helps Barca to win (which has happened A LOT in CL) then the only argument usually is that "suck it, losers". Think there should be a whole load of this kind of matches before referees should become a topic. Otherwise it's just karma debt.

  • @MHoY - Whatever your shitty name is , penalty on dzeko wasnt given too , dont act like uefalona were the only victim , there were bad calls for both sides and uefalona players were lucky to get away with just one booking , pique iniesta both deserved the booking. Cultivate some brain in your empty cranium bimbo

  • Shocking how Alba only got a 7.1, he was everywhere today, 8.5 at least for me

  • Listen buddy. The ref gave a ghost penalty in the first leg when the foul was committed outside the box. The entire tie was over when that happened. So quit crying.

  • the referee was one of the worst i've ever seen, two clear penalties, a goal that was nowhere near offside, City were lucky not to have more sent off, how Lescott was still on the pitch i'll never know

  • commandozap So neymar is overrated ?! I wonder if you still would say that if the ref have some justice and not cancel a legit goal for barca

  • commandozap Have you even saw the match or you just talking from your ass as always ?!

  • Barça denied a clear goal, one penalty, and people still think we were favoured by the ref, lol. epl delusional fanboys.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Barca need to trade : Neymar for Ramirez Messi for Ozil Man City need to trade: Aguero for Mandzukic Kompany for Varane Mes que un club

  • The ref was absolutely shit but Barca was clearly the better side from the start to the end.

  • Man City are bunch of overrated f@gs! Watching them is pain in the ass! Waste of Money! Same as our current Barca Mes que un club

  • Admit it guys , the referee was clear on barca side! I'm a barca fan, but Messi deserve to leave the club Mes que un club

  • City were good. Refs was shocking. Messi is the best.


  • @MHoY against which team?

  • Most Overrated player on the earth still remains Neymar , the brazilian bieber

  • Apparently Barca thought only they can buy the ref , both paid equal amount so the ref turned blind eye to so easy calls.

  • zuzu<<ceto ili ujo? sta si?

  • dzeko mister flop

  • absolutely disgraceful from the ref. My blind nan could have called that from a mile away.

  • Shocking Referee

  • City only has 1 good CB and that's Kompany. Demichelis and Lescott are really bad. They should have bought Mangala from Porto.

  • Is mr peg suspended

  • Brilliant save from valdes

  • The Ref ruined the match result

  • City are lucky to still be in this game. The tie should be done and dusted by now...

  • Ref is embarassing in the first half. I am Barcelona fan, and we don't say refs are biased, but ref is really destroying Barcelona tonight in the first half. Goal, penalty, and Barca almost conceded after Iniesta was injured before.

  • under 3

  • iniesta starts

  • official xi Manchester City: Hart, Kompany, Zabaleta, Lescott, Kolarov, Milner, Nasri, Silva, Fernandinho, Touré, Agüero. SUBS: Pantilimon, Clichy, Boyata, Javi García, Jesús Navas, Negredo, Džeko. Barcelona: Víctor Valdés, Piqué, Mascherano, Jordi Alba, Daniel Alves, Fàbregas, Xavi Hernández, Iniesta, Busquets, Messi, Neymar. SUBS: Pinto, Bartra, Adriano, Song, Sergi Roberto, Pedro Rodríguez, Alexis Sánchez.

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  • 10sportstv.blogspot.Com/

  • Hart , Demichillies and Lescott. All are hopeless bozo's. Even if City scores , barca shall score 2-3 at the expense of these.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 1:1

  • this is what i think will happen. -Ref blows whistle, barca pass the ball backwards and sideways a thousand times -City get a foothold and Negredo and Ageuro have a few chances -Ref gets trigger happy and whips out a couple of yellow cards for city -City score a goal and Barca take one back - Ref proceeds to give city a red card -Barca players rolling around on the floor after every light tackle -Clock run down and a lot of time wasting -Pundits declare it another 'triumph' for Barca.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • aguero and negredo must be in first team dzeko is not player for big games and he is poor player

  • 8:0 lol

  • both teams are facing each other at the back of two shocking losses in their previous matches, Valladolid and Wigan! LOL i cannot predict this match but would not be surprised if this match ended up in a no goals draw, City will try and not concede and Barca will have their usual possession and not need to attack as they have the two goal deficit that will be sufficient to go to quarters, hopefully this match wont be boring as previous one!

  • 2-0

  • 4:1 Barca

  • good no DICKCHELIS in the game 2 - 2 for the result

  • Puta Barca !

  • 1-3 win

  • Agüerooo !!!

  • @hindy - lol are you comparing 18th placed team of liga with some team from championship? Valldolid is a well-organised team. If you only saw the game they totally shunted barca. And they are 18th because they drew lot of games unluckily and its not easy to win in liga

  • Without Iniesta , Barca's midfield is a rabbit.

  • Iniesta's gonna play in this game. He's gonna even start in the first 11th. Fabrega's gonna sit on the banch.

  • Two teams who are stuttering. Home advantage plus experience plus a certain son of Rosario. It's a mountain for the nosiest of neighbors.

  • Calamity Demichellis is suspended and Uefalona playing so badly tat even the referees can't help them and Uefalona can't control the game without king Iniesta, Man City can upset Uefalona, I think a high scoring win for Man City like 3-2.

  • Wigan are 2nd division @hindy , losing at home to such a team is Alcorconazo

  • Referee Vs Oil ! Interesting.

  • Barcelona to Win---> 3-2

  • City lost 1-2 to Wigan... at home. But let's not forget Barca lately lost 2-3 at home to Valencia and a couple days ago lost an away game to relegation-battling Valladolid.

  • City lost to lowly wigan from 2nd division , they score goals for fun against english teams but fail to even threaten to goal vs Barca , that how mellow english teams are and their mediocre league. Competition exists there because mediocres battles mediocres in the same league , so its obvious competition will be there. Quality is certainly below par. And less talked about the english talent the better. Period

  • Barca to quarter final

  • We all want to see a goalfest.

  • City doesnt have chance here , barca will keep possession as long as they can.City may pull one back but barca may score 2-3. Not to forget they are very strong at home.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This won't be an easy match for either side, but if Barca defend well and take their chances I think City have no chance.