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  • @quantumleaper leave it to the fucking gloryhunters to gloryhunt

  • Can't wait to see that a proper European team knock the stuffing out of United


  • Van Persie's redemption!! Good for him for his perfomance and for closing mouths.I got tired of reading about guessed ego fights with Rooney about who is the real team leader.

  • Red Devils we have been used to watch

  • True character from RVP and Rooney so far

  • Leave it to the fucking Greeks to choke

  • I see MU up 2-0 at the end of regulation and taking this to extra time. After that it's a 50/50.

  • DDG, the best pure shot-stopper in the world!!

  • a tricky one,Man Utd with a little luck can overcome this but Olympiakos in plenty form with a confidental lead of 2 goals will not play defendly now they have the chance to get so far for the first time.

  • Man.U wanna & must win this math with 3 goals;at least!!olympiakos will play like a trapped mouse.i think this match will have more than 2 goals.Moyes can't guide & arrange Man.U as good as previous catch...never never never!

  • win olympiakos

  • Moyes should probably play a diamond similar to Liverpool and no true holding player. They have nothing to lose anyway, they are practically dead and buried in this tie.

  • IMO United looked better when Giggs was starting earlier in the season. Not sure why Moyes stopped picking him.

  • Moyes wont be sacked , he will be allowed to make signings and if he fails to make progress later on , then he might be shipped back to scotland home , in where zaha is titillating moyes daughter

  • Bye bye Moyes!

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  • Olympiakos have the highest rated GK in the Champions League this season. Ahahaha.

  • Man U win.

  • 3-1

  • United will lose 0 - 2

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  • utd may win but olympiakos will score too.

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  • United to win but not with a big enough margin I'm afraid.

  • United to add to the their misery, to go out to Olympiacos qwith a draw 1-1 in Old Trafford, there's no defence, no midfield and no attack, the only player willing to play is the 19 year old Januzaj, the rest including Moyes seem like they want out but cannot get out! Olympiacos are a good side and they showed it in the first leg. United are doomed and as long as Moyes reigns there's no up, there's rifts, unhappiness and unwillingness in the team, they conceded at least 5 clear penalties against Liverpool on Sunday! it tells you how the discipline situation is at United, playing long ball game like a team of Stoke's calibre, anyone can beat United at home or away now and we have seen it all season. i predict a draw and more misery for the mighty Manchester United.

  • United will win 2-0 and the game will go for an extra time. This game is for them the last chance in this season to proceed on and United are capable of doing it.

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  • 0-1 olym win

  • DRAW---> 1-1

  • eisai sto myalo kati magiko! ΕΙΣΑΙ ΣΤΟ ΜΥΑΛΟ...ΚΑΤΙ ΜΑΓΙΚΟ!!!