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  • This really makes the song 'Glory Glory Man United' awkward when there will never be any glory again

  • @David20 : he's overrated. I might be an idiot, but he's overrated.

  • Januzaj is very good and will probably be world class one day. He's also extremely young and even gets in to a United team albeit a terrible one at best. I'd love him at Liverpool if he did ever come. So people saying he's overrated are idiots


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  • Alonso with a MotM performance!

  • United fans only think he's good because he scored some goals against small and weak teams while United is going through a tough phase

  • very good match, except for untd fans

  • Go United

  • I'm thinking januzaj is gona be just like Ryan Bable for Liverpool, makes a couple of good performances and everyone thinks he is a legend in the making, but then he grows up and is a flop

  • You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

  • really? that looks like bardsley's goal...

  • old man giggs

  • Januzaj is shockingly overrated.

  • Why not the youngsters?? Giggs?! You gotta be kidding me..

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  • utd smokes cuban weed b4 games hence the impressive outputs

  • Well one team is a terrible side that anybody could beat, and the other is Sunderland. I think a draw is right

  • John O'Shea and Wes Brown to score 5 own goals each and show their #MoyesOut under shirt in celebration that Fergie made them wear

  • Correct Score: 1-3

  • Banana Life Thanks for the correction. With all those injuries additional games are not good. Hopefully they will give some youngsters some playing time.

  • Anyone know if Alonso will be playing for the Cats today?

  • 2-2

  • To sgshaw... This is the semi-final....2 legs no matter the result! Either way, Utd beaten Sunderland in all of last 6 encounters. Utd need to field a good team (even though the long list of injuries) to hope for a trophy other than the Community Shield. No chance for the CL sadly - thats going to one of the Madrid duo! Utd should win but will be low scoring....0-1 or 0-2 for me!

  • The worst possible result for MUFC would be a draw. The one thing they don't need right now is additional fixtures.


  • 01-01-2014 M. United 1 : 2 Tottenham 05-01-2014 M. United 1 : 2 Swansea 07-01-2014 M. United 1 : 2 Sunderland

  • Surely they won't lose again....

  • That is an impressive injury list for United. Let's hope we can at least beat Sunderland.