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  • Agreed, he needs to be patient and work on his timing.

  • Ronaldo is fluffing many chances...

  • Ronaldo looks a bit off today.

  • Ronaldo has been scoring goals, but ever since CR7's injury, Modric has been the best player at Real Madrid.

  • Modric is brilliant.

  • No shots on target yet, come on Madrid we must be more efficient in the final third.

  • Thank you, Nostradamus.

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  • Part 4 -Benzema will swing left to right and at times fall deep to try to find space to get the ball, whereas when in the area he usually will try to look for a pass for Bale,Ronaldo,Isco or if he has the time, take the shot. -Pepe and Ramos will mainly try to anticipate counter attacks and cut them before they start and are most likely to have the most touches as they recycle the ball after they recover it. Both will try to score from set pieces as their aerial ability is quite good. -Casillas might need to be called upon a few times and its there that he needs to concentrated to not let any goals in. Match Prediction: -Osasuna to sit deep and defend tightly, only going forward during counter attacks or trying to score from set-pieces. -Real Madrid to dominate posession and to pass the ball in Osasuna's half trying to find space to create scoring chances Score Prediction: Real Madrid 2-4 vs Osasuna 0-2

  • Part 3 -Real Madrid will dominate the game and since Osasuna is expected to defend in numbers, it will be frustating for the home team as the passes forward wont get through often. -Alonso is missing so Real Madrid is going to miss his accurate long balls that Ronaldo and Bale crave and it will be up to Modric to mainly supply the front line together will Isco who might find it hard to find or create space for a shot or even a through ball. -Illara will mainly sit back more recycling the ball and distributing to the wings. -If Arbeloa starts in stead of Carvajal, he will mostly pass the ball to Bale rather then make marauding runs like Carvajal as he lacks the pace and his crosses arent as accurate. -On the other side Marcelo should push through often, supplying Ronaldo and combining with him to create space for a cross. -Ronaldo will shoot as long as he finds the smallest of gaps and so will Bale, cutting inside from the right to hit the ball with his left or cross for Ronaldo.

  • Part 2 -Isco to retain his spot as Ancelotti seeks for him to find form -Ronaldo will play his first cup game after being banned for the games vs Xativa due to the red card he received at the final last year vs Atletico -Bale to start as the coach wants his player to gain fitness after his calf injury -Benzema to start ahead of Jese although the latter has impressed in his last 3 games. -Overall Ancelotti is making few changes to the starting lineup as he intends to try and get a convincing win so that next week's trip to Pamplona is more relaxed and so that he can use players will less playing time such as Nacho,Casemiro,Jese,Morata. Facts about the game: -Osasuna, just like almost every team visiting Bernabeu will sit deep, defend tight and try to frustrate the home team. Their wish would be either a surprise win or a draw but since they know realistically thats tough, they will at least try not to concede many so that they can keep their chances for the second leg.

  • part 1 Squad called to face Osasuna Goalkeepers:Casillas,Lopez,Jesus Defenders:Pepe,Ramos,Nacho,Marcelo,Carvajal,Arbeloa Midfielders:Illara,Modric,Isco,Bale,Di Maria,Casemiro Forwards:Ronaldo,Benzema,Jese,Morata Possible starting XI: Casillas Arbeloa Pepe Ramos Marcelo Illara Modric Bale Isco Ronaldo Benzema -Khedira is out for the rest of the season -Varane will resume training with the team in 2 weeks -Coentrao is still lacking match fitness after long period being injured -Alonso is left out as precaution since he felt discomfort in his ear Facts about players starting the game: -As usual Casillas will play the cup game as he does the Champions League games -Arbeloa might come in for Carvajal as Ancelotti talked about rotation between the two so both can stay fresh -Marcelo to remain in starting XI as Coentrao isnt match fit yet -Pepe and Ramos to both remain in starting XI -Illara and Modric to start in midfield due to absence of Alonso

  • 5-1

  • Xabi isn't in the squad.

  • revenge time

  • Isco needs minutes to r3deem his form after slight slip up , given his regular starting xi role. So most probably he may play. Lets see what carlo does ,wiyhin no time we face espanyol

  • 2:0

  • Will be a difficult match. Casillas, Arbeloa, Nacho, Ramos, Coentrao, Modric, Casemiro, Bale, Jese, Ronaldo, Morata

  • Alvaro Morata could start up front

  • Bale (rw) & jese (st) can start , nacho & arbeloa may chip in. Iker returns. Time for restitution after pamplona mishap

  • 3-0

  • 4-1

  • 4-0