Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(21) 18 Goals 18 (26)
(15) 11 Assists 11 (20)
(7) 7.3 Average Ratings 7.2 (7.1)
32.4 Average Age 31.2
176.3 Average Height (cm) 183.5
(1.3) 1.6 Shots pg 1.1 (1)
(51%) 47% Aerial Duel Success 49% (53%)
(1.7) 1.2 Dribbles pg 0.6 (0.7)
(1.7) 1.7 Tackles pg 1.9 (2.1)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Isaac Cuenca Out N/A
Víctor Valdés Out 7.31
Carles Puyol Doubtful 6.47
Martín Montoya Doubtful 7.48
Pedro Doubtful 6.63
Player Reason Status Rating
Javier Manquillo Out 7.74
Raul García Out 7.63
Diego Costa Doubtful 7.6

Team News

  • Barcelona will look to make home advantage count with the welcome of Atlético.
  • The Catalan side though will be without Isaac Cuenca and Víctor Valdés through injury.
  • Carlos Puyol, Martín Montoya and Pedro are all doubtful. Cesc Fábregas is one booking away from suspension
  • Javier Manquillo is Diego Simeone's only injury concern ahead of the trip to Barcelona.
  • Atlético will have been buoyed by their win over Athletic at the weekend that took them to the top of La Liga.
  • Raúl García is suspended, while Emiliano Insua is one booking away from a ban.


  • Barcelona secured a late 1-0 win over Espanyol on Saturday to remain within a point of league leaders Atlético. While the Blaugrana secured victory, they still struggled to overcome their neighbours and will face a much sterner test on Tuesday.
  • Atlético sit atop La Liga and will surely be dreaming of securing the title this term. However, they have failed to win any of their last 6 meetings with Barcelona in all competitions, losing 3.
  • Injury to Valdés has seen Barça's defensive stability drop, though they are still potent going forward. The last 2 fixtures between these two sides have ended 0-0 and a similar result is expected.
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User Predictions

Comments (67)

  • As a Barca fan, we can take a lot of positives from this game. 1. Response after going down 2. Bartra's performance 3. Iniesta's form 4. Neymar's performance and his increasing work rate

  • The performance by Barca last night gives me a lot of hope going into next leg. We literally kept them out throughout the game. You can't defend against wonder strikes like those, those goals are once in a year thing. We have a great chance coz if we score that will be an away goal and if we score two then AM have to score 3. We have to score that first goal asap, the match depends on it. Barca played a great game yesterday, controlled it brilliantly. AM has the advantage but its good to be underdogs.

  • commandozap :) We will shhhhh :) For a while ofc. Even tho Barca deserved to win, everything is still open :) And I give credit to Atletico, best defending team in the world atm! They did get lucky, but they deserved it! I hope Barca win in second leg, but it's going to be very hard!

  • Tata made a mistake with playing the 4 mids in this match, we needed firepower in this match and playing with 3 forwards would have been better. As soon as Fabregas came off the pitch we saw the game open up more and began creating more chances. I think we can still go through but we're gonna need to give it all in the Calderon. Visca Barca!

  • Nemeth - member since 27-Apr-13 under 2.5 goals and a draw can be a reasonable bet for 2.1 and 4.5

  • I wonder what was Juventus sent to Serie B for.

  • Did Costa play well yesterday? I thought he was injured

  • Iniesta is man of the match !!!!!!!

  • Iniesta = 10

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  • Look who is saying it , corny wannabie. lol

  • Lol at the multitude of accounts. Nice time spending. Good night, lads.

  • Juve is a innocent clean club? lol deluded wimp .

  • Goodnight rubentus fangirl.

  • You can cry all night long , you're known as fixing kings and pinnacle of cheating clubs in Italy. Nothing changes that chump. The shame goes with rubentus. Such a club can only be supported by crooks , goons and pyschotic schizophrenic nomads.. No need to be puerile when truth is spoken. Assimilate

  • @commandozapwait, so you guys are idiot too? It was proven that Juventus was unfairly stripped out of the two scudetto. Any why I must be a more fucking idiot than you are, for wasting my precious time with you. Rubentus? Go do a research about Madrid, and where are all their expending coming from. Stealing from the Spanish bank to have a team with a fancy squad, still wining nothing, and thousands of Spanish unemployed. Lastly, for nowhere and after, save you idiotic discussion to another of your kind. Good luck with the spending, and the dream, that of La Decima. May Barça not interrupt it more than they have already done.

  • so apparently the conspiracy theorists r all of the view that barca hve some how managed to brain wash n connive wit all of UEFA n da Spanish league into ensuring all refrees in da world r on Barcelona's side!!! quite a feat!!! n guess what every body im sending dis post frm a space ship surrounded by little green Martians wit bulging black eyes!!!

  • Nobody respect cheaters and UEfalona are epitome of it. Also rubentus isnt far behind with all the calciopoli achievements. Keep living in delusion and celebrating titles proven cheaters and fixers of Italy. I understand goodness cant be with you in europe

  • @commandozap passionate? Just like almost every other football fans, I support other clubs in other leagues. But the only, and only club that I really love are Juventus and Sporting Lisbon. Yes, in La Liga I was favoring Real Madrid for the title, because of countrymen Ronaldo, Coentrao, and Pepe (I know he was not born in Portugal, so save that for another occasion). The thing is that you guys have no respect for other clubs. The minute that you guys offended Juventus, that was when I lost all the respect for you guys as well.

  • Diego MOTM or Iniesta

  • Somedbody pass the kleenex and butthurt cream to these moaning uefalona babies ..Also to that juve-barca hybrid who was writng 'forza madrid' few days back ! Accomplished Volatile Chump.

  • @Blitz & Villa - Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

  • DelJuve licks the a** so much that others dont even have to wipe it . Few days back he was a passionate Madrid supporter , when Uefalona won the clasico he turned his back on madrid. I wonder how long he will sustain supporting juve , it must be hard to support old lady who gets molested now n then in europe eh?

  • Neymar will be better than Messi and C.Ronaldo

  • @Exti Very offensive, and what a smart guy you are. Aren't you guys ever going to get over this excuse, that Barça is helped by the refs? Face the truth, you guys are and will always be Barça's little bitch. Anyway, good luck spending another 100M+ this season, and on find a new manager.

  • Atletico are too good at winning the ball & defending deep. If iniesta havent got that pass right , simeone would have been more appreciated

  • What a hit by Diego ! Advantage uefalona

  • No one is afraid. Everyone is just supporting whoever is playing against Barcelona due to disliking the way they are helped by referees. Are all Juventus fans so stupid or this is just one-of-a-kind vegetable?

  • Iniesta should be the man of the match :/ Neymar should've got 8.0 and Iniesta 8.5

  • LoL at this cry babies Madrid fans. If Real Madrid is that strong, why are you so scared of your rivals winning a match?

  • Come on Atletico. They will win this quarter final. Barcelona defense is very weak. Barcelona will also lose points in La Liga. Atletico can win La Liga too.

  • Messi has been poor in this game. He hasn't really been in form after returning from injury. A large proportion of his goals are penalties!


  • YES! Let's go Atleti!!!!

  • I could turn this into your way. Naive infants who call themselves Barcelona do not see the deceit in many of their "big" wins. Everyone else has acknowledged this long long time ago (not only Real fans). Everyone is just waiting for Barca to lose, which WILL happen eventually. Then you are without the only argument ("LOOOSER LOOOSER") you have.

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  • Real fans always complaining like babies.

  • This can be spectacular game only if refs dont play a major spoils..

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  • under 2.5 goals and a draw can be a reasonable bet for 2.1 and 4.5

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  • if there is any justice in Football athletico will dump barcelona out. Knowing Barcelona , athletico will most likely get a red card and a penalty.

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  • I forgot Valdes is out, this is a big part of how Barca play. It's a massive lose.

  • Costa is out, so it's going to be harder for Atleti

  • Ppl saying 4-1 , 3-1 clearly havent watched Atleti play. They give you like 15 minues of space or 10 mins out of 90 to make a impact. Last 3 matches results clearly suggest how badly barca struggled in last 3 games with valdes being key at their end

  • Costa doubt!

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  • Barcelona knows that the second game in Madrid will be a hard match. They'll show today the real Barca play with Messi goals. And don't forget Iniesta. He is in World Cup form since weeks. Fast goal for Barcelona and 3-0 victory.

  • Barcelona win by 4-1

  • Barca WIN 2-0

  • 2-0

  • 2-1 for Barca. I expect Atletico will score here and make it difficult for Barca.

  • 3-0 barcccccccccccccca

  • Diego Costa doubtful with knee injury.

  • commandozap Good thing Simeoe laughed off such shameful statements only RM fan or official can make! I think 3:0 Barca.

  • Wah Wah Wah

  • Think WhoScored failed with the formation of Barcelona, it's not 4-3-3 but 4-3-3-3. Last week proved that once again.

  • Barcelona to WIN---> 2-1

  • I sincerely hope football wins not the REFEREE.

  • I'm sure Atletico will dominate the midfield , with pinto at back only luck can save barca which is omnipresent during their whole season. Even if their luck runs out , referee will drop in score a hattrick for you know who. Atletico should prepare for plan B because playing against 12 man is never easy as most probably they might end up a man-less. Simeone to make a statement.

  • Will be a boring game, with no more than 2 goals scored. Probably 1-0 for Barca will be the final score.

  • Whoever wins, it's good for Spanish football. I hope they put on a good show :)

  • Atletico should make this pathetic cheating vagrants pay & march on ! Goodluck Atleti , claim your glory !