Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(24) 16 Goals 36 (41)
(20) 17 Assists 25 (28)
(7) 7.2 Average Ratings 7.6 (7.2)
31.4 Average Age 31.7
183.5 Average Height (cm) 181.5
(1.5) 1.8 Shots pg 1.6 (1.2)
(53%) 55% Aerial Duel Success 54% (52%)
(1) 0.9 Dribbles pg 0.9 (1.1)
(1.2) 1.2 Tackles pg 1.8 (1.7)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Thiago Alcántara Out 7.08
Xherdan Shaqiri Out 6.11
Tom Starke Out N/A
Holger Badstuber Out N/A
Player Reason Status Rating
Álvaro Arbeloa Out 7.54
Jesé Out 6.01
Sami Khedira Out 6.85
Gareth Bale Doubtful 7.63

Team News

  • Bayern have no fresh injury concerns, but Pep Guardiola could make changes from last week after an ineffective performance at the Bernabeu last week.
  • Philipp Lahm could return to right-back, with Rafinha dropping out.
  • Thomas Müller or Mario Götze could come in in a false 9 role.
  • Gareth Bale sat out at the weekend with flu, having only been fit enough to come off the bench in the first leg last week.
  • He may well return here but if he isn't fit, Angel Di Maria will play on the right wing with Isco in central midfield.
  • Marcelo will play at left-back despite Fabio Coentrao's man of the match performance at the Bernabeu last week.


  • Bayern are in the unfamiliar position of having to win and avoid conceding an away goal, after having lost the first leg of this tie. They dominated possession but lacked incision, struggling to break Real Madrid down or defend against their counter-attacks.
  • Carlo Ancelotti won't be able to set his team up to merely soak up pressure for 90 minutes, and will have to go looking for that vital away goal. They are lethal in attack and Bayern would do very well to stop them from scoring at all.
  • Bayern will start at tempo and it will probably be a question of how long Madrid can hold out. Nonetheless, with Bayern pushing for goals, they could leave themselves open at the back and Ronaldo and co will punish them.
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User Predictions

Comments (219)

  • Atliteco will win the final.

  • ribery is a asshole because he had no chance vs carvajal he slaped him lol gay ribery

  • RM 1-0 Robben "I expected more from madrid" RM 4-0 haha

  • @jacobvarghese LOL

  • Madrid fans need to calm down, Borussia Dortmunds win was much more impressive. Also who ever wins between atletico vs Chelsea they will win.

  • @shaan HATER DETECTED -_-

  • we got world class fortune teller here..

  • The most deserved victory in history of football !

  • bayern had 0 chance if they have the ball they dont know what to do lol ribery in good form but 0 chance vs carvajal

  • Ancelotti made it work for madrid.. Anyway, chelsea update, jose said this time around they will park a bus rite in penalty box. Grt tactic because opponents can only score a goal when the goal post is visible. Costa should wear a pair of horns tonite.

  • BYErn

  • i dont believe it... its like dream....congrats for real madrid :)

  • @blamer Dreams come true.

  • Fábio Coentrão is so under-rated and I hope we go for him.

  • Hala madrid. Thus road to lisbon lies through germany

  • lol i said i wouldnt be surprised if madrid won by 2 or more goals and my post only got thumbs down. must have been just bayern fans here before the match.

  • @thedanielgrant They still are thumbs downing. What a slap to that arrogant club and fans.

  • GG Bayern LOL

  • Sledgehammer @ Bayern LOLL great game by Iberica team ;)


  • Why doesn't Di Maria ever get the credit he deserves? I think an 8 rating would be fair


  • Love You Real Madrid, Congratulation...

  • Ronaldo and Ramos promised us a champions league final and they have done it!!

  • REAL MADRID!!!!!! I'm so PROUD!! #HalaMadrid La Decima awaits!! :D Ancelotti thank you!! Vamos Ronaldo and Ramos <3

  • Did not see that coming,will pep have his job next season,why change what's not broke,all this possession but no end product,bring back jupp


  • @Sinaj *IS RETIRED

  • Great job Madrid! Robben played good from Bayern

  • Hala Modric my cousin from Croatia, hala Madrid :)

  • Is it just me, or Carvajal played amazing match too?


  • There is still lot work to do. We need to celebrate as hard as we can but we still have to fill up a vital place in Xabi @ Lisbon . I hope carlo prepares isco thoroughly and xabi mentors him(he already does) in that role. We are so close , we just cant let go. Siempre Real ! Siempre Fieles ! Vivimos por ti vence por nosostros... Hala Madrid ! Cya at Lisbon fellas. Goodnight

  • Ramos should be 11/10 , dont let us down whoscored

  • @commandozap Only played ~70 minutes, but I agree. Awesome performance :D

  • Once there was a bayern fan called neumi17 , he talked too much for nothing


  • just look at the overall ratings ...it is so biased.. according to this site messi has been better than suarez this season!

  • @carterfwesh instead of rejoicing that your favorite team has qualified, you keep on saying how their sistem is corrupt. cheers for that

  • @carterfwesh Messi would get an 11 for that performance

  • @carterfwesh Yeah dude!

  • Its time to make amends for pain of all these years and re-instate ourselves at the pinnacle. Hala Madrid

  • For those that thumbed me up when I said Real would beat Bayern bu 4-0, go head and thumb me up again. 9.1 for Ronaldo? ����

  • So are the trees burning? Bayern players bum are surely burning , especially Ribery. Not so smug now eh bayern?

  • @Excelsior_rmcf Shame on ribery , such a coward

  • Soooooo ronaldo gets a 9.1 for that performance but messi gets a 9.4 last weekend just by getting one goal?

  • @MWVVWM I accidentally gave you thumb down, I wanted to give you thumb up :)

  • Yep, pretty much a joke. This site is no different from goal.com, where btw Ramos with Ronaldo got 4/5, lolz.

  • @El_Duderino except this site is not based on opinion, it's based on stats

  • @MWVVWM A performance is not about how many goals you score

  • @HussainZ Even so, both Ramos and Ronaldo played exquisite football today and the goals were only the cherries on top of these performances.

  • I can't understand how its possible to destroy perfect team in less than a year. I thought this is impossible. Now i know that impossible is nothing. Thanks Guardiola - you are so overrated.

  • Congratulation madrid fans , from an intermilan fan that also demolished bayern :) Sorry wont happen again lol

  • One more step and we dream on ! You made all of us Madridistas proud , such an indelible experience...Cmon lets win it.. Hala Madrid ! Hasta la meurte Madridista


  • Ramos played like a monster starting from the 2 goals to the building of the attack to the clearences . He deserve to be the MOTM IMO

  • Aaaaaaand Bayern's era is done lmao that was fast

  • @bradley.panton And Barca's too :)

  • @commandozap I am aware of that, all good things must come to an end but I believe we'll be back stronger next season. Good luck in the Final :-)

  • Pep was hired to make Bayern play like Barca. I think he's done just that.

  • For those that thumbed me up when I said Real World best Bayern bu 4-0, go head and thumb me up again.

  • @DelJuve What did you write ? Its confusing what you have written as well. Enjoy the victory , still lot to do

  • Catalanaccio is over.

  • No "10" for Ronaldo and Ramos? If it was Messi, you'd fap.

  • @El_Duderino Messi would get an 11 for this performance


  • @El_Duderino i dont think ronaldo should get 10 rating , anything from 9.3 to 9.6 is fair in my eyes because he wasnt in the spot alot but ramos in the other hand is defenitely deserve a 10

  • @El_Duderino That's a lie. Messi would get a 10 for useless dribbles and shots. He doesn't need to score 2 goals for that to happen.

  • @El_Duderino messi got a 9.4 against villarel with just one goal and a poor performance

  • @carterfwesh wtf.. "poor performance"? Messi gave an amazing performance


  • Ronaldo recordman with 16 goals in champsions league :)

  • Ronaldo is the best in the world. You're definitely jealous or something if you believe otherwise.


  • There is your 4-0.


  • @zuzu What a beast he has been this season. Our third best player after Ronaldo and Bale in my opinion.

  • Maybe Pep was trying to avoid serious humiliation.

  • You're losing 0:3 at home, you need five goals to win on aggregate, so what do you do? You're letting defensive midfielder in for your best attacker. Good job, Guardiola. Klopp is laughing right now. You parked the bus in front of Real's box. It's catalanaccio.

  • @El_Duderino that was the right thing to do. Muller took the st spot, and kroos went into the no 10 spot. bayern looked more balanced after that move, and it was also very offensive. the mistake pep made was not starting with that all along. it worked just fine for bayern last year


  • @El_Duderino Scoring 5 goals against this Madrid defense is impossible. What Pep did is smart. If he didn't make this substitution, the result would have been humiliating to Bayern and their fans.

  • @YusufQwareeq it was

  • @YusufQwareeq "the result would have been humiliating" seriously? It's 0:4/ If this result is not humiliating i don't know what is.

  • @boller Even more humiliating than this.

  • As if they weren't humiliated anyway.

  • Football is still played for goals not possession..


  • Guardiola parked the bus in front of Casillas.

  • @El_Duderino he should learn from ancelotti and mourinho

  • It'll most probably end 3-0. Martinez on Mandzukic off. Defender on Forward off.

  • So when the last time we Bayern with a rating under 6!?

  • @Cornflake hope you're right

  • Real Madrid perfected the art of counter-attacking. Rock solid defense and an explosive attack that can exploit any team. Well done, Carlo.

  • Well, truth be told, some guy was suggesting final score of 0-4 from Madrid. Maybe he knows something we don't :D

  • @Exti haha yeah I saw that, I want whatever ability he has lol

  • I was not expecting this

  • @workallday. i doubt anybody was expecting this.

  • After seing this one can't keep thinking about what would've happened if the draws last CL semfinals were Real-Bayern and Barca-Dortmund instead of Bayern-Barca and Real-Dortmund...instead of an all german final it could've been an all spanish one.

  • @uzuriaga or still an all german final. Dortmund was way better and not hurt by injuries last season. Bayern was better last season, arguably I guess.


  • Bye Bye Bayern Munich!


  • Dante pointing fingers behind others and Ribery delivers a slap behind him to Carvajal. And people complain about Ronaldo.

  • Ribéry should have been off by now. Disgusting.

  • @YusufQwareeq As well as Dante. Last year Nani got red-carded for the attempt only. There was no contact whatsoever and he was sent off anyway.

  • Xabi :(

  • Robben complaining about acting. If this ain't hypocrisy then what is.

  • Wow, Fair play to Madrid, What a performance this has been


  • This has turned into a thrashing.

  • Di Natale > Mandzukic

  • @felipe_trv c. pizarro > mandzukic

  • Bye, Bye Bayern!

  • Wow!

  • Respect to the former champions, but the KINGS ARE BACK!

  • Ramos !!! :D


  • Thats it

  • Ramos !!!

  • @Titou14 Fantastic set piece :) Well played!

  • @ 1.30 you crazy guy

  • wish me luck lads

  • @dumpinator you made the wrong decision, any football fan will tell you that you made an amateur bet

  • @dumpinator sorry bruh i really do pity you

  • 3000$ on bayern or draw

  • @dumpinator :( U'RE BROKE DUDE

  • @dumpinator you've just lost 3000 bucks

  • Big night for us Madridistas. Lets hope we go all guns blazing and ball ends in back of the net. Hasta la muerte madridista ! Vamos Real

  • Hala Madrid !

  • Butterflies.

  • Considering how superior Bayern spokespeople (and fans as well, as you can see from here) have tried to be, seems like they expect their crowd send the ball into Real's net. I think this will be a close game still. That 2-1 prediction is likely but I guess the overall favour should be for Real, like 55-45. Hope Real will squeeze it through :) Ronaldo and Bale will give them hell on counter.

  • War of words heat up here too , predictions in full swings , each with their belief or you may call envy or only one aim to see their team win and reach lisbon. I just cant wait. Lets do it. Hala Madrid

  • 3-1 Bayern. When things get desperate they know how to respond. They haven't reached the CL final 3 times out of the last 4 years for nothing.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @painn Holy shit dude!


  • @painn hehe, nice guess.

  • @painn hope you put money on that!!

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @painn same thing happened to me last year, i tweeted 4-0 before bayern-barca but i forgot my password for bet365.

  • @painn Realistically unlikely.

  • @HalaMadridGOAL Ouch..

  • @HalaMadridGOAL well, well, well

  • @goodplan223day I STAND CORRECTED!

  • Tactically Real outperformed Bayern in the first match, but Ancelotti should know they can't possibly get through again relying on their highly tensed defenders tonight. Real needs early goal or at least a goal to secure their slight advantage, while Bayern needs to speed up, uses their mobility and forces the Real's defenders to make mistakes as they often do. I live in Munich, and I know all the city are for Bayern. But I supported Real ever since I knew football. Whoever won tonight, I expect a great match with passion, speed, determination and goals. Let's see.

  • 2-1 to Bayern seems about right.

  • I don't care who wins, please let it be a good game, let there be goals. PS: I read a lot of comments here and Pepe getting sent off is such a common prediction it made me ROFL.

  • @rust.cohle he mise well get sent off, he spent most of the first game on the ground with fake injuries, actually costing Bayern attacking opportunities because of good sportsmanship on the bavarian side. he's despicable.

  • What a game - 1-0 Bayern and the GERMANS go through on penalties.

  • All REAL MADRID need is one early goal. Then Bayern will have to score three goals which is not easy. My prediction is 2-1 to real madrid. Real Madrid will score then Bayern will score and then at the end Real Madrid will score again. 2-1 to madrid it is then.

  • @iPredict yes because defeating Barcelona 4-0 at the Allianz last year proves nothing. Real Madrid will be easy in comparison.

  • Let's not forget that Gotze missed the easiest goal chance, which would have made this a 1-1 with the crucial away goal. You could easily see that bayern is the better team, the better team doesn't always win away from home. But the better team playing at home, well this shouldn't even be close. Ribéry played his best game of the year on Saturday, that's a big deal. Mia san mia!

  • @DonnyVantage You're kidding right?

  • This game could go either way. I myself want Bayern to go through as I have always been supporting them, and my father has always supported them. Though Real Madrid have had a strong season this year and had some great scores. Bayern also have played extremely well this season. Forgotten the past performances, Bayern seem to drop in form after they win something. For example when they knew they were going through to the nest round of the champions league they lost. When they won the Bundesliga, they couldn't win for three games. Pep, arguably one of the best managers along side Ancelotii, Mourinho, Klopp, Simeone and Rodgers (sorry if I forgot a few), can't give the motivation Bayern need. Last year they had motivation. They lost the champions League in the final, didn't win the league. They lost something like 2 games that year. While you could say they have improved since last year... so has Real Madrid. May the best team win...

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • i wouldnt be surprised if madrid wins by 2+ goals.

  • No doubt Bayern will have 60-70% possession it's what they do with it what counts they lack that pace & penetration they had last season I can't help but feel their main objective when in possession is to gradually wear the legs of the opponent down, Madrid on the other hand are deadly on the ball & look to kill. As a neautral I'm hoping Madrid Qualify & Gonna take a punt on Draw or Madrid @ 2.05 too Come onn

  • @Titou14 Easy money :D

  • hopes a 1-1 draw

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Come on Pep! Win for your best friend Tito!

  • I say Bayern is going through and in style. And what a surprise that whoscored is predicting RM to go through :D People forgot how good Bayern is in one game. SO this is my prediction, and I see you all after the game: Bayern to win 2:0 Possesion to be 78+% Ronaldo and Bale nowhere to be found Overyhping RM after one good game is typicall RM metality. So remember what I said please.

  • @blitz People dissapear.

  • @blitz WHERE THE FU.. ARE YOU NOW?

  • @blitz Bayern to go through in style you say

  • Hala Madrid , Real 1 1 Bayern

  • 1-2

  • 1:0 Mandzukic

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 2-0,pepe sent off.

  • We can absolutely pummel bayern on our day oblivious to whatever hell chants. Actually Bayern officials and players silly petulant mindgames have fired us up even more. I wont be surprised if we win this game , only thing is we should avoid individual errors and concentrate on Xabi instigating the build up. If fullbacks do their job well , we are in for a glorious night. Vivimos por ti vence por nosotros. Hala Madrid

  • @Excelsior_rmcf Exactly. Past records are just fallacy. We have much better team with fired up front 3 and we have confidence that we can take down bayern given the chances (which will be there as we saw in first leg). And honestly i dont know the fake curtain of 'hell' bayern is moaning about , cmon chelsea beat them in CL final at their own home , city could have beaten them by more margin , Arsenal drew there and Dortmund cracked them by 3 goals just 2 weeks back. Truth is bayern are paranoid that we can hammer them in their own porous den and so they are concentrating on just talking . So predictable

  • lol bvb dortmund won vs both

  • @wawa And they are nowhere to be seen in CL.

  • bayern again in bad form 0:2 bayern back in good form 3:0

  • just don't be surprised in case bayern slays madrid. 3-0 pepe suspended.

  • @Nash7 Dont be surprised if you are wrong.

  • @soul_snatcher that won't happen again, such a dispolared guess.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @Eightycsiga like atletico are playing way more fun than chelsea !! For god's sake they both play defensively and atleti is even more so dont put it on what you hate and try justice for once

  • I don't think both CR and bale will play at the same time for this match. Madrid winning by a point wouldn't risk. Just like the last leg, they will be substituted for each other or maybe bale getting in later in the game.

  • @ISY Imo they will. For Di Maria i think Isco will be there

  • This is so perfectly balanced for tomorrow. Can't wait.

  • Madrid has an ugly history in Germany.. I just hope this wont come hunting them again.. Will be a pretty test for Bayern.. Up Chelsea, forza Mourinho, and bury Liverpool.. #InMourinho'sVoice# "Meet me in Lisbon"

  • Madrid has an ugly history in Germany.... I just hope this won't come hunting them again... Its gona be a pretty show... Up Chelsea!!! Burry Liverpool!!! Up MOU!!! as we await the Final

  • @Primedream Atletico are no liverpool.

  • @soul_snatcher hopefully you dont come here crying and making exuses after mourinho reach the final

  • We all know how classless club bayern is. All pride and arrogance surrounding them and thinking no one can beat them. Just because Arsenal lost at home , they posed a ' gay gunner' banner at home shows how over-confident their callous fans are. I hope we teach such smugs a lesson and shoot them down to earth. Hala Madrid..

  • @soul_snatcher Only classess club I see is Real Madrid.

  • @soul_snatcher Real Madrid aren't even the best club in their own city. Fact.

  • @DonnyVantage Agreed. Rayo are better than anyone!! I love Rayo <3

  • @DonnyVantage Atletico have been brilliant this season, there is no denying that. But both are really good teams who have a varying H2H record. E.g. we drew and lost in the league, but won 5-0 agg. in the CdR. You can't just say they are "better" based on a few results. Anyway we will soon see which team has it's last laugh as best team in Europe. It could be Atletico, you never know; but for me, I believe Real Madrid are fully capable.

  • @HalaMadridGOAL specially after tito's death , madrid get to play against pep in one of his bad conditions

  • Mia san mia!!!!!!!! Ronaldo is a cry baby pretty boy. Bale is a good chap, just in the wrong place. Pep! Pep! Pep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @DonnyVantage well well well...

  • @DonnyVantage So when are you planning to grow up?

  • @soul_snatcher LMAO GREAT REPLY

  • I dont think Marcelo and Di Maria play , my bets on Isco and Coentrao

  • Is it confirmed Marcelo will play? Cause it's gonna be a HUGE mistake as he will leave space behind him for Robben unlike Coentrao who is more defensive and more hard working! Ancelotti I hope you read this: DON'T F****** PLAY MARCELO -_-

  • @Donatkap Coentrao will play . Mrcelo played vs osasuna because Ceontrao needed rest. And i agree Marcelo is more attacking minded and leaves spaces at back , on the contrary coentrao is more balanced. Although Marcelo can come as sub if we need to hammer in more

  • @commandozap Alright thanks for the heads up :)

  • Anyone who thinks Madrid can pull this off need to visit a doctor. Ribéry getting on the score sheet and playing a brilliant game on Saturday is the key. He needed that. Robben and Ribéry are the best together, regardless who the striker is. Bayern 4 - Real Madrid 1.

  • @DonnyVantage U MAD BRO? :P

  • @DonnyVantage I'm ready to visit , just to accompany you.

  • @DonnyVantage And i will tell you who you should visit ignorant chum , a psychiatrist. Ronaldo and Co exploited Osasuna without conceding without Bale . So just imagine what would happen if they fire you up. Already Dortmund , Chelsea and City have humiliated you at allianz arena , Madrid can do it too and i hope they will to annihilate your typical conceitful arrogance.

  • 2-1 is good, very good.


  • @Sinaj One early goal and we're through. Ronaldo can break the 14 UCL goals in one season record. Hopefully he will. HALA MADRID

  • bayern again in bad form 0:2. bayern back in good form 3:0.

  • draw match cr7 will score

  • 3-1

  • Bale & Cristiano are back. Keep your possession , we will keep the goals.

  • WE CAN DO THIS HALA MADRID Casillas, Carvajal, Ramos, Pepe, Coentrao, Di Maria, Alonso, Modric, Bale, Benzema, Ronaldo

  • yes bayern...come on.. bye ...ye REAL MADRID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3-1

  • Yes , we can ! Hala Madrid

  • This comment has been deleted.