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Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts Form
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Team P W D L GF GA Pts P W D L GF GA Pts P W D L GF GA Pts
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Man Utd
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Team Characteristics

Man Utd

+ Chelsea's Strengths

Finishing scoring chances
Very Strong
Attacking down the wings
Very Strong
Creating chances through individual skill
Very Strong
Defending set pieces
Very Strong
Creating chances using through balls
Creating scoring chances
Aerial duels

+ Man Utd's Strengths

Finishing scoring chances
Attacking down the wings
Creating long shot opportunities
Creating chances using through balls
Shooting from direct free kicks
Stealing the ball from the opposition

- Chelsea's Weaknesses

Protecting the lead
Defending against through ball attacks

- Man Utd's Weaknesses

Avoiding offside
Stopping opponents from creating chances
Aerial duels
Protecting the lead
Very Weak

Chelsea's Style

  • Control the game in the opposition's half
  • Attack through the middle
  • Attacking down the left
  • Possession football
  • Short passes
  • Opponents play aggressively against them
  • Rotate their first eleven

Man Utd's Style

  • Possession football
  • Attempt through balls often
  • Control the game in the opposition's half
* Strengths, weaknesses and styles are calculated from statistics of each player's latest two seasons

Match Forecast

Chelsea will create many scoring chances
Chelsea will dominate in the air
Man Utd will score as a result of a through ball
* Match forecast is generated from clashes in team characteristics.

User Predictions

Comments (94)

  • Moments & individual excellence win games. That what's you have to call the Hazard goal. You can argue whether or not it was a foul on Falcao but it was good pass from Cesc to Oscar, the space created by Oscar allowed hazard to time his run, the awareness from Oscar was class and the run and finish by Harzard was brilliant. A quick move that profited on a Utd mistake the difference between the two sides.the 1st goal always key here, just imagine if Rooney had scored in the first 3 minutes this game would have very differently. Mourinho sides are masters of protecting 1-0 leads in games of these magnitude (staying compact and deep& using the space and directness of forwards on the break). The scenes at the end by players and fans showed what a big win this was.

  • Should be 1-1. My bet was on that. Well, another narrow win for Chelsea and surely they claimed the title by winning this game. Anyway, I don't think anyone reasonably believed Arsenal can win the league. Not to mention United, I mean let's be serious.

  • You really think with all the top quality attacking players Chelsea have they could come up with a tactic other than park the bus when they play vs a big team. They were lucky Rooney and Falcao missed decent chances, GGMU.

  • I could not watch the game, but We'll keep the Red Flag flying High! Chelsea congratulations this championship will be yours, but for next the United will be back.

  • Chelsea need right winger, midfielder and striker

  • Glory, glory Long-Ball United!

  • I've been told this was a boring game, is that true? It'd have been interesting to see what Utd could've done with the 4 players I mentioned below playing.

  • waw ...what a defending ... 70 % possession but still 2 shot on target ..awesome chelsea

  • Too bad the Bus Driver won. Rooney should have played up top. Van Gaal OUT!

  • The title race is over. Congratulations Chelsea.

  • Hazard still the star player despite playing in a team that had lees than 30% of the ball. Very difficult to do for an attacking player.

  • @excalibur: not necesarely, if the opposition has 70% of the ball, the opposition defnders might get carried away and push forward. this leaves much more space for a speedy and technically gifted player player like hazard is.

  • @opricaalex That didn't happen in this game though. Did you watch it?

  • @excalibur i was talking just hypotetically

  • Chelsea were too strong for Utd in the end. Fellaini and Young, two of United's best players recently, were very quiet today. Brilliant, compose finish from the would-be POTY; Hazard.

  • a giant leap to the trophy..who's next hahaha ASSenal

  • who else just saw van gaals interview? It was hilarious

  • Congrats Chelsea fans, the title is yours this year!

  • Van Gaal subs were so terrible. Replacing Mata& Shaw with Januzaj& Blackett is extremely weird.

  • perhaps scoreline should have been 2-0 for chelsea

  • damn that chelsea efficiency again.. and herrera should have been sent to an acting school rather than the pitch

  • @Chris667 yes definately ...hats off to referee ...for that outstanding call

  • @kumar.lalitesh I agree. Difficult decision at the crucial moment

  • zouma-fellaini is working

  • how chelsea didn't score that blows my mind lol

  • Di maria for Valencia.. Please!!

  • I only saw hazard when he scored. he's been quiet

  • @erastus 5 dribbles and a goal in a game where we had hardly any possession. He was undoubtedly the difference between the two sides.

  • @erastus it seems like u were sleeping

  • Come on MAN U!

  • beautiful pass from oscar, calm and composed finish by hazard.

  • @Lucasfernandes Terrible work by Valencia, not anticipating Hazard breaking forward.

  • Chelsea's going to concede if they don't react. This is looking like the first half of Barca x Sevilla. Chelsea useless with possession and Man U getting to the outside of Chelsea's box wayyy to easy

  • @Lucasfernandes valencia*

  • Man U seems like the hungrier side. ..

  • @Lucasfernandes and they so they were fed

  • Ugh. Why does whoscored show chelsea in red and manu in blue. It's confusing.

  • I fancy United's gonna triumph in narrow score. 3-2 for United.

  • I hope United can win this important game. I think van Gaal knows how he must be play against a team like Chelsea (see Spain on the WC 2014). 1-3 for Manchester United. Wayne Rooney MotM.

  • no Carrick no part Chelsea to win 3:0 I repeat 3:0 game over

  • Michael Carrick is fit to play as well as Blind! United have goals on the bench with RVP, Falcao, Di Maria even Januzaj who has always given Ivanovic a torrid time! it will be goals i predict and Fellaini will be on Fabregas sa as he was on Yaya Toure last week and Valencia has to be on his toes to keep Hazard quiet! I believe this game will be decided in midfield and clinical finishing in final 3rd will decide the game! right now Rooney, Mata and Young can all score in big matches and Chelsea will miss Diego Costa and Remy today! as a neutral im going for United but odds are favoring Chelsea but odds were against United when they faced Liverpool and even City! I do not believe Jose will want to play flowing football this time again, he is going to set his team up not to lose as a draw will work in Chelsea's favor and punish United if they do mistakes! good luck

  • park the bus then bark the bus then hazard goal from a mistake from de gea

  • @SalahovicAlnashar mistake from de gea... lol

  • Good point about Fellaini being cut off from all the crosses, I agree United rely on his strength and heading abilities much more often lately. This is an interesting game, considering Mourinho's experience against in-form attacking formations, we can expect an excellent display of bus parking by his side. But is it going to work against United? Can't wait for this game.

  • RVP should be allowed to play atleast once before leaving in summer. :-P

  • Going for a 1 - 1, seeing the injuries for MU i don't see them very strong at the back, but then again we have De Gea in goal... I'm guessing Rooney at CM and either RVP or Falcao to start upfront. Young drops back to a LB/LWB and Di Maria on LM. Sadly Shaw on the bench.

  • Chelsea will grind out a result here. Another effective display of Mourinho's teams at parking the bus. MU attackers have been good recently but CFC have the defensive stability to hold them off. MU have been relying a fair bit on pumping it up to Fellaini, but I expect it to be somewhat different today, given the height of Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry & Matic.

  • I think it's will be draw or win for man united, 2-2 or 1-2

  • 1-0 Hazard goal before half, then park the bus.

  • @dan8876 foolishness

  • Drogba is terrible nowadays, they should give a chance to a striker from their U21 team. Couldn't be worse than Drogba, stubborn Mou.

  • @dan8876 couldnt agree more

  • I think Chelsea has a good chance at winning this game. The second best home team up against the eighth best away team. Seems pretty easy looking at it this way.

  • we're boring. mou know how park the bus in big matches. mou always know. 0-0.

  • @Gokhan Sack him then but arent chelsea fans adapted to boring mediocre football over the time? Only Carlo played playstation footy there.

  • man utd is without Michael Carrick, Daley Blind, Phil Jones and Marcos Rojo, now my confidence level have fell a bit, but not that much to say that man utd will not take this tie GGMU

  • Jones, Blind, Rojo and Carrick out. I'm not the biggest Carrick fan but he's played well recently, Jones has been excellent in this past 7 or 8 games and Blind is dependable in every position. I fully expect a comprehensive Chelsea win now. Shame, this could've been a good match- not that I'd be able to see it with the Arsenal semi clashing. Great scheduling. Doubt Mourinho will be thinking anything other than 3 points and that will likely be that for the league with this and the Arsenal game being Chelsea's only real potential hurdles.

  • @SteveHyland so true

  • As a neutral I would love Falcao to play some part and score a goal at Chelsea! Jose knows if he loses this game, Arsensl will come in the mix as contenders and likely snatch 3 points at Emirates too! I expect a not so fanciful game because Chelsea are going to play with caution and play counter! is all down to how LVG sets his team up! Good luck

  • 2-3 GGMU

  • Going for a 1-1 borefest. Chelsea to park the bus and LVG Man Ure to pass the ball sideways.

  • @Overmars Rojo and Jones have been ruled out as injured. Also I forgot that Man U will long ball it to Fellaini a shedload.

  • We'll keep the Red Flag flying High! 1:2 MOTM: Mata

  • United can snatch a win with their recent form but would be tough..

  • Come on chelsea! we can do it. hoping for a win and not a draw. Drogba will score.

  • Chelsea will finish the season unbeaten at home in the league, no one can stop that. 1-1

  • @Zee530 In the league maybe, but Chelsea lost to league 1 side Bradford 2-4 in the FA Cup. Hilarious.

  • @Overmars Yep, that's why i said in the league.

  • Doesn't matter what team you support, Mourinho knows what to do when it a big comes up; 2-1 Chelsea.

  • @vavbutaney Yes you're right, Mourinho knows how to 'Park the Bus' and gets his players to act like babies. Just ask Zlatan.

  • @vavbutaney i agree with you until the result, but for me the question is does mourinho want to win or he will just take the draw, morale wise it has been some difficult exhbitions, since the loss to PSG they seem a little away and manchester is on the other side, they are playing finally as they should. probably a 1-1 or 2-2

  • I expect a spectacular game. Something like 3 years ago (3-3 on Stamford Bridge) would be great.

  • mourinho know how to get results from big matches 3:1 hazard, Terry, Remy

  • This is Mourinho's favourite type of game to play. He's going to force his team to be extremely rigid and disciplined. United will struggle to break Chelsea down. Chelsea will score a goal from a set-piece or on a counter attack. It's ruthless and ugly but effective - the embodiment of Mourinho.

  • @David20 Chelsea rarely play this way at Stamford bridge regardless of the team. Man utd aren't exactly Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

  • Chelsea 2-1 Man Utd

  • Chelsea 1 man utd 3, need a goal from our skipper and 1 from Radamel as well (just hoping for that tho)

  • Our team looks so tired, especially Matic. I know we are playing at the bridge, but i would gladly take a point against a Man United team in their best form of the season.

  • Chelsea - MU 2:0

  • Utd wanatakiwa kupata ushinda katika hii mechi kama ilivyo kwa chelsea, lakini kwa mourinho lazima atacheza mfumo wa kujilinda ili apate sare ambayo yatakuwa matokeo sio mabaya kwake

  • 0-5 (mata, rooney, fellaini, herrera, smalling)

  • @bogdan0904 maybe u mean 5:0 own goals from (mata, rooney, fellaini, herrera, smalling) THIS IS MORE REALISTIC then that

  • @bogdan0904 wake up man. No team can beat chelsea 5-0

  • @erastus Spurs came mighty close

  • @bogdan0904 in ur dreams

  • most likely a 1-1

  • bring on chelsea...fellaini will sort them out

  • @erastus More like Matic will sort out fellaini

  • @Dempseydumpster- There isn't a player in history who could "sort out" Fellaini. Firstly he is too big so he wont be bullied, secondly when he plays well (like he is at the moment) he makes it difficult for people to track him. It'll required a team effort by Chelsea's big men to stop him- particularly at set plays and knock downs from Rooney.

  • @Dempseydumpster I'm really looking forward to that battle. Will Matic actually be able to nullify Fellaini? Deep-lying midfielder vs target man, who knows?

  • @Dempseydumpster this well me a real fight in the middle of the park