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  • God England is boring, maybe apart from sturridge and sterling

  • @swagio Sterling yes, Sturridge NO his way to greedy

  • Such a boring game. England ZzzzZZzz

  • @morningstar total shots from norway: 2 i think i may like 'boring' matches

  • @Morningstar- It was a boring game but it's almost impossible to produce exciting football when you face a team intent on parking the bus as Norway did in the first half.

  • @SteveHyland Unless you have creativ players on the pitch, who can outplay defensiv teams...

  • nice prediction whoscored

  • Lambert for Rooney anyday

  • Should be a comfortable win for England, Norway are a very average side

  • @CraigGee Just as average as England ...

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Anything else than a loss tonight for us norwegians will be a bonus.

  • Sterling and Henderson can cause some miracles.

  • England line up to face Norway - ---------------Hart--------------- ----Stones-Cahill-Jones-Baines---- Chambo-Henderson-Wilshere-Sterling --------Sturridge-Rooney----------

  • You'd have to think the Liverpool Children will see England to three points, if they all start .. Raheem is a monster for real

  • @Whoscored isn't he fully fit yet? Even not, he would still be better then Rooney or Townsend...

  • where the F**k is Lallana?

  • @swagio not yet fully fit,brendan don't wanna rush him in from injury.

  • @chinna oh, thanks

  • Hodgson needs to be sacked. It's like having a brick-wall block our progress having some ancient defensive manager with negative tactics in charge. A donkey could manage england through their qualifying group.. it will be a walkover.

  • Why does Hodgson not pick a genuine right-back in his squad? What does Clyne have to do to get picked?

  • Wembley barely full, worst England team in years, Rooney as unqualified captain. Norway should win this 1-2.