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  • Viva France

  • Not super convincing from the part of France. The only good news for them is that every other team has also played horribly so far in the Round of 16.

  • Giroud got 6.4, really stupid rating. Giroud= 5.8, the worst player tonight

  • 5.8 is for the no names that enter the game in 89+ minute and can't do anything meaningful to get their ratings up. But it's their fault, cuz the Earth is a geoid.

  • 5.9 for Enyeama. :/ He was the third best for me after Valbuena and Griezmann. Most no. of saves this world cup..

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @painn And those saves were magnificent, no Pletikosa mumbo-jum