Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(11) 6 Goals 13 (17)
(7) 6 Assists 10 (10)
(6.7) 6.7 Average Ratings 7.3 (7.1)
31.5 Average Age 31.1
181.5 Average Height (cm) 185.4
(1.4) 1.3 Shots pg 1.2 (1.1)
(60%) 59% Aerial Duel Success 54% (57%)
(1.3) 1.3 Dribbles pg 0.7 (0.8)
(1.7) 1.5 Tackles pg 1.4 (1.6)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in World Cup Semi Finals.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Neymar Out 8.22
Thiago Silva Out 7.43
Willian Doubtful 6.28
Player Reason Status Rating
Shkodran Mustafi Out 6.51

Team News

  • Neymar will miss the rest of the tournament due to a back injury suffered in the 2-1 win over Colombia on Friday.
  • Thiago Silva is suspended having been booked in the same match with Dante expected to come in alongside David Luiz at centre-back.
  • Luiz Gustavo returns from suspension and should take Paulinho's place in midfield, while Willian should start in the absence of Neymar, though the Chelsea ace is a doubt.
  • Dani Alves is also in line for a return to the back four having dropped to the bench in favour of Maicon against Colombia.
  • Miroslav Klose will likely drop to the bench following an underwhelming performance against France.
  • André Schürrle may get the nod ahead of Mario Götze to start in the attack alongside Mesut Özil and Thomas Müller.
  • Joachim Löw is expected to persist with the same defence which comfortably held France on Friday, meaning Per Mertesacker will be forced to settle for a spot on the bench.
  • Shkodran Mustafi is injured and will miss out.


  • Brazil progressed to the semi-final of the World Cup with an impressive 2-1 win over Colombia, despite many feeling the hosts would crash out at the expense of their South American counterparts on Friday evening.
  • Goals from Thiago Silva and David Luiz saw them secure victory, though the former is suspended having picked up his second yellow card of the competition.
  • The bigger blow though will come in the absence of Neymar, who is out for the rest of the tournament due to a back injury following a collision with Juan Zuñiga, though that may spur the Brazil team on to secure their 6th World Cup.
  • Germany haven't lit up the competition as people may have expected, but have done enough to progress to this stage of the tournament.
  • The win over France will have filled the team with confidence and they certainly have the strength in depth to win the competition.
  • With both Neymar and Thiago Silva out, Germany will look to capitalise on the absence of the duo and secure a place in the final.
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User Predictions

Comments (247)

  • still come back to see this.

  • @divshal me too . . .

  • Schürrle should start over Özil. Unfortunately he can't perform of the left flank, he has to defend a lot, and shows too much laziness on the pitch.

  • If utterly stupid Ozil didn't miss that last minutes chance, it would have been 8-0 for Germany. I don't even get it why Low is keeping on starting matches with Ozil on the field considering how bad he's been during this whole competition. I would really have wanted to see Reus participating in this competition, considering he is the best German player this season, Brazil would have taken an even greater beating for sure.

  • @Ruey I understand your reaction; he missed two similar occasions during this WC and it should have been 8-0 in the semi. However, Özil made some important passes during the game, including a direct contribution to the 5th goal. He is creative and accurate, which fits the team's style. So let's try to be supportive and hope that he has his best game during the final.

  • Finally a similarity between English sport and Brazilian; I'm thinking here of the (from the point of view of non-Brits) charming propensity of English cricketers to fold like a deck of cards. Collective collapse. Barca did it. Spain did it. Even Bayern (who induced it against Barca) against Real M.(perhaps that's why the Germans were so self effacing in their victory - apart of course that's in poor taste to rub it in to the hosts). A kind of contagion in a group where players forget how to play, creatvivity vanishes, negativity spreads faster than Ebola and passivity and mistakes come to predominate. And that in the face of the technically brilliant Germans, who as Louw said, saw the Brazilians cracking and took full advantage. As a neutral was both gut wrenching and fascinating to watch.


  • The Drama you could not have expected!!! How can you go on after this?? It`s life and you have to. And eventually it makes you brazilians stronger. I won`t take nothing from the germans, simple and effective as always from them. Get yourself together and show your pride in 3rd place game. I guess its going to be americans and europeans against each other?

  • Bye bye Brazil

  • Marcelo and David Luiz 6.7 and 6.5.... How????

  • @Overmars just read marcelo assist 82% pass 78 touches 3 shots 2 dribbles 3 tacklings... its just a rating for some parameters!

  • BRA71L

  • i was just reading DM the other day regarding klose equalling ronnaldo 15 goals and there was this person by the name Manu girl who had enough stupidity in her head to call klose average becoz wrong preconception of not good club level. It is obvious this kind of stupidity comes from one place one place only. British Isles or more specifically One Horse Race English Premier League since 1992-2013. I can forgive stupids for stupidity but comments like that from granny from Greater Manchester just give me an impulse to shoot her brain out like killing Hitler in Inglorious Basterds.

  • Klose keep in mind at club level has a 120 assists in 528 games overall and he has well over 208 goals(Source - transfermarkt - performance data). When you compare his goals in combination with his assists he is more than just an ordinary player considering he has had a direct hand in 328 goals(assists + goals) in 528 games or 0.621 goals per game. Compare this to a striker like Drogba who most people say is very effective who has 247 goals and 101 assists in 563 games at 0.618 goals per game, Klose is actually just as effective and comes out on top. Anyone who has watched Klose play knows that he is one of the most unselfish players of all time and a true team player who is always willing to pass the ball to someone in a better position. So much for your theory that he is no good at club level.

  • hey klose got his 16 wc goal. i still remember his sad face when he was injured during 2010 wc bronze medal match against uruguay. he had 14 goals. he felt like he was cheated. Now he finally had his salvation. he deserved it. now if any of worthless junk think he is not best of all times coz his form lack at club level and he scores at intl stage show how much big of ignoramus u guys are. he is decent at club level infact he had good club career.

  • @Ffaris i'm very happy for him i wait for this day 4 year's

  • anyone else think holland can make beating germany look easy?

  • I'm a Brazil fan and this Brazil side was so ridiculous that I just can't stop laughing.......!!

  • I'm sure muller got a touch with his air shot for kroos 1st goal so he should have 2 assists and be star man??? Take a look

  • the ratings are base on stats.. while david luiz did had a bad game he still had 13/20 lb and 4 dribbles..

  • @edemex we already know that dribbles are overrated here...

  • @edemex So what? Check out those numbers: 1-7. ONE TO SEVEN.

  • David Luiz = 6.5; Marcelo = 6.7. erm, what game were they watching????

  • @Jamie_K lol we all know whoscored make their ratings based on dribbles, and according to them luiz had 4 and marcelo 2... now even this doesnt make any sense, im pretty sure marcelo had more than 2 dribbles in the game!

  • @thedanielgrant I think whoscored should weight each stats to every player according to their positions. If Neuer or Hummels got 10 dribbles succeed and others remain consistant, will they get the same high rating as messi? They shouldn't.

  • Pele: Brazil ?...nah my brother Im from Ghana ))))

  • @AndreyNosatii I've seen this 100 times already.

  • like my prediction.. easy win.. brasil players just have big ego and can pray..

  • BRA71L

  • lol

  • Khedira should have an higher rating today

  • @hellreaper you dont know how the ratings work huh?

  • Prediction 1-2 ? Klose enough

  • I have now officially given up on these ratings. Luiz getting a 6.5 rating is the biggest joke I've seen on this site.

  • @TheFactsProvider Couldn't agree more. How the hell did David Luiz only score .2 less than Boateng while conceding 7!! goals? I think whoscored.com may want to rework or rethink their scoring system otherwise lose credibility from anyone who has eyeballs.

  • @TheFactsProvider you dont know how the ratings work huh?

  • @wawa You don't know how football works huh?

  • @TheFactsProvider i know how football AND whoscored ratings work. because that i dont confound this like you. you complain about the ratings but ratings are ever "correct". but ratings dont have the requirement to show the best and worst player on the field. its just a index for defined actions!

  • James and whole Columbia is laughing right now.

  • @El_Duderino why? maybe columbia vs germany 0:14

  • @El_Duderino Colombia

  • @professionalanalyst It's "Kolumbia" in my language, so i got that one wrong there.

  • @El_Duderino And Chile

  • Brazil's iving in second half became so embarrassing ... That was simply shameful and they all should get yellow carded. Another dirty game for Brazilians.

  • Wow, first of all Low simply outsmarted Scolari in every way. So why would you let Marcelo go in attack when Muller is waiting in the empty space? It's beyond me really. Almost all of first half goals came from there. And for brazilian fans, I feel disgusting even though I have nothing to do with Brazil. You support your team goddamnit! And if they won, it would be "all brazilians together" and now it's all Fred's fault? Disgusting. Worst fans ever! Is Fred to blame for conceding 7 times in one game? I feel disgusted after this game even though I was completely neutral... And "ole" "ole" from Brazilians? Wow, what a shame. What a shame really...

  • @blitz Letting Marcelo attack from the RB position could have been a good ploy to keep Lahm and Mueller on the back heel playing defense, but that strategy would call for a 4-3-3 with Fernandinho, Gustavo, and Paulinho in midfield so there would be cover for Marcelo's runs. Then, Hulk/Bernard and Marcelo could overlap keeping the German right side honest while the CDM's stayed home and filled in where needed in case of German counterattacks. Unfortunately the team wasn't set up this way and they were mercilessly exploited.

  • @blitz maybe it would have been better to replace Neymar with Marcelo as left winger und put Maxwell as left back and Oscar playing in the centre

  • @benchmark04 Well anything is better than giving the space to Muller and Lahm on the right side. I don't think that's a very good tactical move, right? I mean if Algeria can play with Germany the way they did, how can you not blame the coach whos performance was an absoulte disaster tonight. I mean, if your team looks like bunch of amateurs then obviously something is wrong with your tactics. These players play for RM, Chelsea.. But let me repeat it one more time: I blame: 1. FANS 2. FANS 3. Brazilian press 4. Brazilian people 5. Scolari ... The pressure ate them from the inside... Give it a rest, it's only a football you crazy lunatics!

  • Germans are playing like the fast automobiles they are world famous for.

  • @Juve31 A Juventino :)

  • @Juve31 Bulldozer?

  • Look through the comments. I said before the game that once Dante starts Brazil will concede 3 or more. David Luiz and Dante in defense is a disaster ready to happen.

  • @TheFactsProvider I agree troll, replacing Silva would be more of a challenge than Neymar. Willian should have started ahead of Bernard.

  • @HalaMadrid12 Willian would've made no difference. The problem tonight was the defending. And to be fair on Bernard, he and Oscar were the only ones who looked interested in playing at times.

  • @TheFactsProvider The problem was Scolari, Brazil had trouble advancing the ball the whole tournament, and Germany has one of the best midfields, instead of changing tactics, he tried to do the same, but without Neymar. After the goals started this game, Scolari kept quiet, taking too long to make changes, or even speak to his team

  • @HalaMadrid12 ok with neymar and silva just 6:7 lol

  • Congrats Oscar.

  • Give them another goal!

  • The comeback is real

  • @professionalanalyst Yeah close finish.

  • In hindsight, Robinho, Dinho, Kaka all had a place in this team! Geez.. this is digusting! I know am worried for those Brasilian players

  • @galoise i take u didnt see kaka play this season..

  • @edemex I did... but he couldnt be any worse than Oscar! Atleast he has the experience to make things happen. Same with Dinho, not nearly a good player anymore, but coz of the experience, that 1 moment when he wakes up in a game, could be the moment that saves ur behind. I would have taken 5 mins of a good Kaka than 90 mins of what the entire Brazilian team had to offer today

  • That is Schürrle enough for tonight..

  • Schurrle take a bow son.

  • Wow, worst defeat in Brazilian history...this match defies logic in all senses.

  • How does David Luiz have 6.2? He has been probably the 2nd worst player today

  • And Marcelo 6.6, haha. They got better ratings than Höwedes and Boateng, hahahahahaha.

  • @El_Duderino you dont understand the rating lol

  • @wawa No, i don't. Defender of a team that got blasted with 7 goals, in which he alone made 3 crucial mistakes, gets the higher rating than defender that didn't make any mistake. That's simply stupid.

  • @El_Duderino You must understand the weight of dribbles in this particular system, my friend.

  • @wawa I get that Marcelo got the assist so its higher... but seriously those 2 were horrible. Almost every goal came from someone that they should've been marking. Yes, its a team game, but those two individually brought the whole team down

  • Schürrlinho was the best brazilian on the field.

  • ...B - R - A -S -I - L Germany just spelled it out!

  • This may be pushing it, but with all this talk of MVP being out of messi or robben etc, Neuer must also be in for a shout, he's been fantastic throughout.

  • Brazil players are not rubbish, but brazil coach's tactic is the rubbish!! No Neymar, You must defends first! Wait the older German y player tire first then you can attack!! really rubbish tactic, rubbish brazil coach!

  • @jayvin83 the older germany players? really? do some math and you'll see germany's starting 11 is younger than brazil's.

  • @DiM Don't tell me César is the old man, goalkeeper can participate attacking part?? Use your mind better and thinking first.

  • @DiM your math OK or not? Fail?? Klose(36)vs Fred(30),Ozil(25)vs Benard(21),Muller(24)vs Hulk(27), Schweinsteiger(29)vs Oscar(22),Khedira(27)vs Gustavo(26).

  • @jayvin83 go back to school you clearly fail at basic math. brazil starting 11 average age is 27.63 germany's starting 11 average age is 27.18 27.63 > 27.18 q.e.d.

  • @DiM I said to you just now, use your mind thinking first. You can not calculate Julio César' age(34), thinking first!! Stupid Dim!

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Neuer...the ultimate sweepr keeper!

  • @FootballFanatic best gk in the world! He passes the ball almost like a playmaker lol

  • @galoise totally agree mate! In terms of shot stopping, level with buffon, but his distribution makes him the best!

  • I'm so happy Kroos chose Madrid over staying at Bayern, Chelsea, and United.

  • can someone help me understand how Fred, Luiz, Marcelo, Hulk, Oscar get to start games for Brazil?!? This is unbelievable! Fred has scored 1 goal though out the comp & it was against arguably the weakest team at this yr's wc! Do they mean in all of Brazil with its history of creative players they couldnt find a forward better than Fred?!?!? That dude wont even get a starting spot at Swansea (no offence to the club)

  • @galoise Youre questioning how Oscar gets in the team? Someone doesn't watch football...

  • @galoise Fred > Heskey

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • LAME

  • Brazil were favourites. Just let that sink in...

  • @FootballFanatic not for this game

  • @Tom1759 uh, yes, they were, 28/29 sites 5 minutes before k.o.

  • This is the worst nightmare they ever had. It will be really difficult for them to play another 45+90min

  • kunde, mace pange la brazil

  • Would have played Willian instead.

  • I think brasil has no tactics. No willing. They just have useless legs and brain

  • Assassination...requiescant en pace!

  • I feel too sorry for the brazilians I whish argentina or netherland take the revenge

  • @hadi Argentina is gonna get the same treatment. Netherlands? They'd probably fight back a little, but Germany in shape like today? Who's gonna stop them?

  • @El_Duderino do not think like that germany perivious games was not like this one 4 goals were scored in less than 10 minutes brazil played so emotional in those minutes..

  • @El_Duderino if only italy had came up enogh to face germany..

  • Brazil's defence has been sooo bad. Every single attack from Germany, Brazil has made multiple mistakes. Marcelo let's his man go as if he thinks he doesn't have to defend, Luiz doesn't want to defend. Maicon has misread the line up because he thinks he has to play right winger and don't even start about Dante.. Unbelievable..

  • Brazilians are still best at diving though. That's something.

  • I've been watching football for 30 years now and let me tell you I have never seen anything like this. There are only two words to describe this game in its entirety. "Case Klosed"

  • This maybe sounds weird but at least Marcelo plays well - feel really sorry for him.

  • @vapo Loool Marcelo plays well haha.. Look at the second and third goal, he is sooo bad. Maybe the worst on the pitch. Or maybe Dante? Or Luiz?

  • @vapo as a winger yes, as a left back no.

  • Kroos WANT leave bayern

  • @wawa More like Pep doesn't want him in Bayern. Toni doesn't respect possession much, i mean, what was he thinking? Scoring two goals like that, Pep's not gonna respect that. You have to pass it across for a minute or six and then pass it some more.

  • 18+.

  • I am watching on a German network & even their game commentator isn't believing it lol Woah!!! I did not think I'd live to see this day! Brazil get utterly humiliated at home! 5 goals in 30 mins!!

  • Germany - 7.00. LOL. Told ya, ratings here are ridiculous.

  • @El_Duderino Squakwa has about same player ratings tho... I think after the 2nd goal Brazilian players just crumbled, so Zie Germans didnt even have to work hard for it anymore

  • Tell me how on this earth clown Pep does let Kroos go! Is he sort of propaganda to destroy Bayern?

  • You know, Pep is into possession. Kroos's scoring too quickly, so he doesn't fit in Spaniard vision. I get that. Maybe he'll buy Luiz Gustavo back.

  • now i have to beat 50.000 eur for germany =)

  • Dammit ... Does anyone else have problems with their transmission? I was expecting World Cup semifinals, but they showed Germany practice session instead.

  • lol brazil cant handle his own fast speed

  • just 1 minute additional time for first half with 5 goals? is someone having compassion there? lol

  • It wasn't time board this time, it was a wishing board.

  • Question for the second half - is Neuer gonna score?

  • @El_Duderino I hope!

  • LMAO. Looks like Germany is choking alright. Cuz they had too much.

  • No cheating your way out of this one!!

  • Poor brazil this is far worst than maracanazo, such an humiliation in their WC

  • brazil r begging to go to the dressing room. Germany r raping them viguorously

  • BRAZZERS !!!

  • Lol

  • WOW...this brazil team is a joke..

  • Replacing Silva would always be harder than replacing Neymar sorry but Dante was nowhere on these goals...

  • @HalaMadrid12 Fernandinho? Gustavo? the winger Marcelo?

  • @benchmark04 Fernandinho was at fault for one goal, the jobs of Gustavo and Paulinho are to retrieve the ball and start attacks and only defend on counters they weren't at fault for the other goals.


  • German machinary loool... dayuuuummmm! I expected germany to beat Brazil but not like this lool

  • @galoise: I don't think anyone expected this.

  • @YusufQwareeq True that! I mean from day 1 everyone could see that Brazil was not at all solid... I mean what happened to Brazil & players that made people dream! I look at Brazil's starting 11 today & I see no one that could even sit on the bench of even the much hated 2006 Dunga team (ok maybe Neymar)!! Let alone previous ones!


  • @Villa fuck u

  • 5-0? Whaaaaaaaaaat?!

  • is this a real football or fifa 14

  • RIP

  • WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT??????????????

  • Brazil's defence ladies and gentleman!

  • 4-0. This is happening so fast that Whoscored is still on 2-0.

  • @libero alright. they have a catch up.

  • @libero Make that 5-0

  • @TheFactsProvider God you're right. Germany is like that car that is going so fast that you're still looking to the left and he's already on the right.

  • @libero lol

  • What is happening

  • Yessssssss! Krooooooooooos!

  • Yesssssssss! Mullerrrrrrrr!

  • Brazil getting DESTROYED LMAO

  • Yessssssss! Kloseeeeeeeeeeee!

  • What crybabies this Brazilian team. Perfect tackle but Marcelo seems to think he should've gotten a penalty. What a disgrace..

  • I hate this Brazil team so much.

  • Müller does what Müller's do - Gary Lineker

  • Yesssssssss! Mullerrrrrrrrr!


  • Germany has the better players, Brazil has a MASSIVE home advantage. Very well balanced. This is going to be interesting.

  • Germany is favorite, but they were favorite last 5 world cups and didnt win

  • Julio Cesar; Maicon, David Luiz, Dante, Marcelo; Fernandinho, Gustavo; Bernard, Oscar, Hulk; Fred Alves and willian not starting. This is not good for brazil

  • Good luck Germany, you'll be playing against FIFA's team

  • Who would you like to lose? Thumbs up for germany , down for brazil...lets c

  • @commandozap thumps up soldier, i liked ur comment again.

  • This time Germany will have more luck than Brazil and will reach the final.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Germany will win.. Muller will score a HATRICK.

  • its time to bleed brazilians time to end ur party.................................

  • bring in erik durm to cancel out willian. durm got pace and stamina plus he can attack enemy half. watch willian suffer if erik durm comes in.

  • @Ffaris dream on

  • @commandozap i liked ur comment coz i dream on- aero smith style. So did u liked the game commandozap? Or does that result give sense of reality or ru having second thoughts abt it.

  • germany will humiliate brazil in their back yard. but i suspect and im definitely sure loss of neymar will make brazil better and allow overrated oscarplay as no.10 and bring great balance to the team and make fred look good again as in conferation cup. like it or not neymar was holding brazil back. but brazil will be humilated by Ze Germans.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • History says germany always have a hard time against brazil, head to head record brazil 12w 5d 4l But that doesnt mean much

  • I'd love brazil to lose but i know they are not gonna

  • Why doesn't Scolari try Hulk as striker? He can make the runs and keep the ball with his mighty strenght. Besides, Fred is useless.

  • brazil 1 0 germany

  • Brazil 1-0 Germany Germs choke again.

  • Brazil 2-1 Germany

  • if i was put in the position of felipao now without any coaching classes or opportunity to see the players in training etc. my starting lineup would be: césar alves-luiz-dante-maxwell gustavo-fernandinho willian-oscar-marcelo hulk

  • Brazil winning would make me sick to my stomach and then some. They have spent BILLIONS of pounds on a tournament, whilst half the country rots in poverty. Their prime interests are in a tournament that will generate income to make the rich richer. Right-wing b***ards. Also, Brazil have been very lucky. Furthermore, the refs have been giving brazil the benefit of the doubt with so many decisions. Out of curiosity, how many people actually have the humanity to agree with me? THUMBS UP IF YOU WANT BRAZIL PUT OUT!

  • @FootballFanatic apparently you have no idea what countries like germany and holland do.

  • @thedanielgrant look, i'm not saying any government or country is perfect. Countries of millions are always going to have sacandals, traces of poverty etc, but when a country has literally millions living in poverty, it's just sickening to see billions spent on a tournament. I don't want brazil put out because i like germany, but because what brazil has done is just down right fu**ing evil. I see what you're getting at though mate.

  • @FootballFanatic , if you were really a football fanatic , you would know whose the best team.. And that is BRAZIL!!! And all u haters want brazil to lose cause u just jealous!! All of you! And I'm not assuming that brazil or germany are going to win cause they brilliant teams and win or lose no one can take there place of being the best teams!!

  • Germany has never won over a South American team this World Cup. They will struggle to find the net, but I believe they can beat Brazil with the slightest margin.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @khaizuranadlan14 Stupidist thing I have ever read.

  • @khaizuranadlan14 How many south american team did they face this World Cup ? None !

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Brazil-Germany 2-2 or 1-1 and germany will win in te extra time with one goal

  • brazil will qualify to the final because they are finally the underdawg team.

  • @Nash7 , um no way!!!! Brazil and Germany are the best teams and Brazils the underdog?? How?? Who has won the fricking world cup the most?? Um yes I'd like to answer that.. Its BRAZIL!! But we don't know yet ey

  • brazil wins today...2-1 with oscar,hulk and ozil scoring.maybe maicon comes in place of dante. mario goetze should also get his chance. but surely it is brazil who wins even without neymar

  • @nischay , so true :) brazils the home of soccer(they didn't invent it) Buutttt they played it with pried the most

  • @BrazillianTalz Maybe, but this team is dull, boring and plays only physical football. Germany has better footballers. When could you ever say that about a German- Brazilian comparison ...?

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • easy win for germany with or without neymar & thiago silva. maybe kramer for khedira. vs just physical brasils i would love to see großkreutz and podolski.

  • @wawa Kramer has been great every time he has come in. I see Lahm back in the midfield with Kroos and Schweinsteiger. Boateng back out on the full back and Mertesacker in the middle.

  • I would have said Brazil. But losing Neymar and in a lesser extent Thiago Silva is too much for Brazil. Germany will win this... in overtime

  • @delden08 i don't think so.i say you should reverse team names. it is going to be brazil who wins with oscar in extra time

  • @nischay, you soo true!! I love people who love brazil mwha mwha lots of love <3

  • BRA 1-3 GER

  • Not making any predictions here, but, frankly speaking, this Brazil team are not remotely a vintage Brazil team and many of these players would NEVER have had a shot at a spot on teams of the past. They have ridden their luck all tournament, with one player, Neymar Jr. (who, most sadly, will not feature in the rest of their matches) almost singlehandedly propelling them through. IMHO, they didn't deserve to top their group, didn't deserve to get past Chile & probably didn't deserve to get past Colombia. I hope for a beautiful football match tomorrow between two of football's international powers, but I fear Brazil will do everything in their power to prevent that. Auf geht's Deutscher Jungs!

  • The host will win because being the host. By the way Dante know German very well. And no Neymar Brazil become hard to consider the way they play and their tactics.

  • The host will win because being the host. By the way Dante know German very well. Anh no Neymar Brazil become hard to consider the way they play and their tactics.

  • Germany will win by 2-0

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • the germans are known to loose concentration in semi finals. Its surely brazils day today

  • @tabiqiqbal Get real, dude. Brazil haven't even MADE it to the semifinals the last two World Cups. Add to that early exits in 1930, 1934, 1954, 1966, 1982, 1986, and 1990. Brazil may be the masters of this tournament, but for every reason there is for Germany not winning I can think of two for Brazil not taking it. If anyone is lacking concentration tomorrow it will be Brazil, as evidenced in their brutal foulfest win over a very good Colombia. Please don't pretend to profess knowledge of the mental state of the German team.

  • @wolframvoneschenbach forget about 1930 the germans have lost last 4 semifinals the have appeared in.they are chokers

  • @tabiqiqbal Wrong again, dude. Germany 1 - 0 South Korea, 2002 WC semifinal. Germany 1 - 1 England (Germany advancing on penalties). Last six semifinal matches dating back to 1982: 4 wins, 2 losses. Germany's progression deep into tournaments is beyond reproach, and, clearly, beyond what someone such as yourself is capable of comprehending. Germany, have more experience, composure & teamwork than Brazil this tournament by a country mile. Please learn how to research information before you go writing rubbish. Sheesh.

  • we all know in football better team will not always win ! so even without neymar and silva i think brazil somehow could win this ... things get complicated for brazil and they`ll get a free penalty! ;)

  • Brasil vence , Alemanha sempre quando enfrenta o Brasil treme , prevejo um jogo de ataque do Brasil contra defesa da Alemanha . Brasil 5 x 1:)

  • @pablo.fernandes.18294 grande piada cara, precisa-se um palhaco o circo...

  • For some reason, it seems that everyone (media, analysts, FIFA, "neutral" fans, referees) has been supporting the host team since the beginning of the tournament. That's enough now. This Brazilian team is way overrated and doesn't have the depth and talent to win a World Cup. Had the WC been organized in any other country, they would already be out. The better team should reach the final, and that better team is Germany.

  • Why do people think Argentina will easily beat Netherlands !!

  • @Ahmedosamazayed I think yes Germany will win this . and also Netherlands will beat Argentina

  • germany will easily win this match....they will have just to wait for the final against argentina who will also easily win vs netheland

  • the hate for Brazil in this comments is too damn high.. calm down ppl

  • Germany will easily win this match..

  • @sport Why do you think so? If you saw all the games by Germany on this WC, you might beholded, that this Germany team is not so confident in compare with their lasted matchs. They are apparently slowly. Thay also hadnt any confident victory on this compaign (exept against Portugal). Therefore, I dont feel that Germany will unconditionaly win on Tuesday, even without Neymar and Tiago Silva.

  • @Roorck i think brazil lost their two best players, and i think Germany will show another face for this match

  • If Brazil does win, I hope Argentina advances to the final as well. If Argentina took the cup at the Maracana it would spell bedlam in Brazil.

  • Have to be honest, I think Germany will win this, Brazil are missing two of their best players.

  • What leads you to believe that Daniel Alves will start the match in the first team? If Scolari put Maicon against Colombia is because he believes in his potential and, in fact, Maicon did a great match Friday.

  • @henrique.pirolla I don't know what match you were watching. Maybe a Brazil match from 2004? Maicon was constantly giving the ball away and failed to track back on many occasions due to his lack of pace these days. I'm not saying Alves would do a better job but Maicon certainly didn't have a "great match".

  • @TheFactsProvider I don't see it that way. In my view Maicon gave more defensive consistency for Brazilian right side, ending what we Brazilians call "Daniel Alves Avenue". Maicon's climbs to attack are also more consistent than those of Alves, due to his physical strength.

  • If Dante and Alves start in that back 4 Germany could easily score 3 or more goals. The referee that failed to send Suarez off against Italy is apparently going to officiate this match, so don't be surprised if he plays a major part in the outcome of this match.

  • @TheFactsProvider is it true about that referee who is gonna officiate this match is the one who didn't issue a red card to suarez that day against Italy??

  • @joc365 No, I just randomly made it up O____o

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  • Brasil - Netherlands Final

  • Brasil wins :) Brasil 3 vs 1 Germane , vamos brasil vamos ser hexa , vai dante esmaga eles heheheh

  • Germany to face Argentina in the FINAL

  • Brazil and argentina in the final


  • the only thing brazil beat germany is the count fouls and fans

  • Brazil beyond!

  • Germany will win 0:2

  • Germany vs Netherlands Final and a Germany win overall I reckon.

  • Germany to the final

  • germany and netherlands final

  • Hope Germany will win.

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  • @painn lets see ...