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  • Munir el haddadi rocks!

  • Messi Perfect

  • Ihave to questions: 1- What ahppened to the new features? 2- What happened to Rakitic world calss assist?

  • @Nizar588 Rakitic's assist took a deflection and therefore wasnt officially counted

  • For the 4th season running Messi has netted a double in the Liga opener.

  • there wasnot a single shot towards bravo in all the second half even barca was lacking a player...looks like enrique understands guardiola`s system better than tito and tata..lets us wait and see the rest of the season

  • Munir --- the next Messi of Barca

  • @SaimumAlif77 sadly for me as a Real Madrid fan I have to agree

  • Good for Messi, Munir, Rakitic, Mathieu, Bartra / Bad for Mascherano~ personal view as a Cule

  • @LeodaCJ i don`t think that was mascherano`s mistake, it was more like busquets`s. but i thought that he should have let that player give it a try

  • @opricaalex You can't completely take blame off Mascherano... he was badly positioned, and made a stupid challenge to top it off. Alves was also out of position when that happened. Bartra is better in CB, Masche better in DFM. Simple.

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @painn For scoring two good goals and creating couple of chances which his team mates couldn't finish, idiot!

  • @painn lol I think you watched a different match mate. The question shouldn't be "what did Messi do?", it should be "what didn't Messi do?"

  • @painn Pain must be terrible tonight :) Seeing Ronaldo rotting and Messi back to his best. Must be really bad for you. I hope you will feel better soon. Btw, click on Messi's name, you will see ;)

  • Munir really a future star

  • This kid Munir playing to expectation....

  • Messi's average this season - 9.9

  • Busquets is the one responsible for Mascherano's red card.

  • @hindy Hardly just him... Mascherano and Alves also deserve blame. Would NOT have happened with Bartra and Montoya in defence.

  • Uefalona 0 - 3 Elche

  • @painn a good prediction but in a reverse.

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  • Elche is weaker this season

  • :) Davids

  • It shouldn't have a red card next to Suarez's name, it should have little teeth :)

  • Why is edgar davids our GK?

  • Edgar Davids in goal?! Hahaha nice joke. He left Barça many years ago, and was a CB anyway. ;)

  • @alexreg he was a central midfielder actually :)

  • @donnelly Wrong, he was a defensive midfielder, and he often played CB for Barça.

  • and why isn't Pique playing at all?

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  • Edgar Davids in Barcelona goal? that would be interesting :) what's the matter whoscored? :)