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  • Vidić and a red card? That's new.

  • Great to see that the refs' bias against Inter hasn't changed :^ )

  • Handanovic saves a penalty in his first Serie A match this season

  • Forza Inter

  • osvaldo and icardi are gonna flip out on serie A this year

  • inter have folded up their cardboard box and moved off the street no longer are they BUms!! Their Center mid field is LEgit now, yann Mvilla, Kovacic and hernanes. Plus they have actual human strikers now

  • Torino draw or win

  • Inter will struggle to get in the Europa league *like every season*

  • @seria_A ^milan or juventus fan ;) dont hate my friend

  • @gdude87 don't*

  • @gdude87 Well milan is the same shit and juventus dosn't win trophy the steal it by paying people they are not allowed to pay to help them

  • @seria_A they*

  • @seria_A don't

  • @seria_A @seria_A okay thanks for your two cents :) now how about trying to leave a comment on teams you like... instead of bashing on others.... you're the reason why seria A is given a bad name mate :< <3

  • @seria_A V

  • @gdude87 What does (V) mean..... anyway I am an inter fan but I acting like I want inter to loose so when they loose or draw i wil not be very sad and act like i was right

  • Inter are strong this year,,,, they will win skudeto

  • @manuint even as an inter fan unlikely... will see maybe champions qualify

  • @manuint keep dreaming

  • forza inter 2-0

  • Partita equilibrata se Cerci rimane a Torino....se no Inter vince facile 2-0.