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  • Chile's ball control and passing was no way near any good international team. They need to get back to the basics training and work as a team. I saw too many lose ball, missed time passing. Only sanchez was a breath of fresh air.

  • This was an ugly game to watch, excessive fouling especially by Brazil. This match reminds us of what Brazil in 2007-2010 looked like, rispid, disciplined and aggressive without the ball, no-nonsense but prone to mind games. It looks like it's still old Dunga out there... he certainly fooled us for the first 7 games. It's a winning formula but we've seen what can happen if things don't go their way (WC QF 2010). Brazil can win Copa this year, I'm sure they'll fare extremely well under Dunga too but this style is a far cry of what fans expect of Brazil.

  • Chile is a very good side. Unfortunately for them, Brazil is their nemesis.

  • @lolzzzzzzzz they lost 2-0 to iran few days ago

  • Neymar is still prone to silly mind games, ugh. How can you captain and start fouling everyone like that just cuz the opposition is playing a bit rough on you. Getting a yellow for excessive fouling on a friendly is not a good sign of temperance. Brazil lacks a good leader, that much is for sure.

  • which team do you think will win the game judging by how they are playing?

  • @Nyash26 I'm thinking Brazil will score eventually after a Chile error or when they tire and they can start imposing their play. The problem with Chile is that despite their impressive volume and intensity they just can't string together attacking plays too effectively, a result of lacking that creative midfielder who can help Alexis create chances.

  • wow brazil playing like jose specility of bus conducting. possesion very low. Looks like brazil going to win but by jose style boring boring jose.

  • @Ffaris Not exactly a bus parking, just a result of this particular match. Chile with high pressing line and non-stop pressing gets more possession. Brazil not able to impose their play resorts to the counter by tackling when ball moves to their half.

  • 0:0

  • Hopefully Dunga will test some of the reserves here. Would like to see Coutinho mostly, Fabinho and Douglas Costa as well, and hopefully no extensive PT to Robinho. He has his uses but he's mostly insurance in case of an injury as he doesn't offer anything new to the table. He's essentially the Brazilian version of Podolski. I really hope Dunga won't just field the same 11, keep Firmino and swap one of Willian/Oscar for Coutinho. You gotta have variations nowadays, can't just put all your chips in your best 11.

  • It is funny how Marcelo is the most quality defender in the world yet a Brazil national coach prefers a left back that mainly just defends.

  • @Turan Marcelo is better going forward, there's little doubt there and Luis is only better defensively because he's more disciplined. Personally, you go with whoever is in better form at the time. Dunga is a no-nonsense manager just like how was as a player, highly disciplined and committed, he would always prefer Luis over Marcelo most of the time.

  • @Turan Filipe Luis is not a defensive fullback, that's a myth. He's a complete one.

  • @Turan This is why people hate RM fans.

  • @Turan this is shxt.I mean Marcelo is shxt.

  • @Turan Most quality Full back * , and It's arguably , I prefer Alaba

  • Kick off is at 15:00 GMT, not at 19:00 as currently posted on whoscored

  • After Chile's shock 2-0 defeat to Iran last night, I believe there will be another defiant 3-0 win for Brasilia. Brazil 3 Chile 0