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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(5) 5 Goals 1 (1)
35.2 Average Age 35.8
183.1 Average Height (cm) 179
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Supercup.

Missing Players

Athletic Bilbao
Player Reason Status
Mikel Rico Out
Iñaki Williams Out
Ander Iturraspe Out
Jonás Ramalho Out
Iker Muniain Out
Player Reason Status
Jordi Alba Out
Douglas Out
Neymar Out
Arda Turan Out
Aleix Vidal Out
Jérémy Mathieu Out
Jordi Masip Out

Team News

Athletic Bilbao
  • Iker Muniain and Jonas Ramalho are long-term injury absentees for Los Leones, with Inaki Williams only able to start training with a ball recently.
  • Midfielders Mikel Rico and Ander Iturraspe are both absent due to injury, with Carlos Gurpegi and Mikel San Jose two of the limited options available to Ernesto Valverde.
  • Kike Sola has been passed fit to be included during the last few days, but Aritz Aduriz is likely to be the man that the hosts go with, given his impressive goalscoring form over the last two seasons.
  • Neymar is still struggling due to illness, which gives Luis Enrique something of a mini selection headache. Both Rafinha and Pedro bagged goals last time out.
  • After taking a 4-1 lead over Sevilla in the European Super Cup, the Blaugrana are likely to put out the same side which dominated the first 45 minutes in frightening fashion.
  • Jordi Alba is still out with a muscular problem, meaning Adriano should start after Jeremy Mathieu was left out of the squad.


  • Athletic Club have only ever won one Spanish Super Cup and they did so without even playing a game. After winning the league and cup double, in the past it wasn't necessary for the title holders to play a Super Cup fixture if they'd taken a clean sweep.
  • Barcelona might be a little tired, given that the Blaugrana were put through a rigorous 120-minute test against Sevilla on Tuesday. Enrique's men have shown real intensity during pre-season, but whether they can manage two competitive fixtures in a week is another matter.
  • These two sides last met in the Copa del Rey final back in May. Lionel Messi grabbed a brace and Neymar added another as Barca ran out with a 3-1 win at Camp Nou. Inaki Williams scored a consolation for the visitors, but the bright youngster is sidelined through injury.

User Predictions

Comments (50)

  • Whats going on here ? Bilbao won 4-0 against Barca and EVERYBODY is just bitching about Barca ! Where are the comments about the great game plan of Bilbao, their good game in general and the greatness of Aduriz in this game ? Are you all just Messi addicts and get dissapointed if he doesn`t score at least two goals ? A little bit respect for Bilbao and Auriz please ...

  • Delighted to see so called "more than just club" getting obliterated. Had a lot of respect for them when they used to promote youth but now like every ordinary club they're buying their way to titles. Not to forget all the detestable figures they've in their squad. Nice of Athletic to put Barca back to earth.

  • @NotBiased You have to be the most pathetic hater on this website. Munir, Sandro, Samper, Halilovic, Adama, Masip, Sergi Roberto, Bartra... all the players that have been promoted or created only in last two years. Plus Rafinha. Unfortunately, there's no way to create Messi year but we still have our players as a foundation of the team. Messi, Iniesta, Busi, Pique,... Tell me about other teams? Barca has 9 new and 6 (maybe more) old La Masia players in the squad currently. That's 15. Tell me about other teams like Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man United, City, Juventus and other TOP European sides?

  • @blitz so many dislikes opps. That must have hurt "more than just glory hunters" supporters... How many starts have Munir, Sandro, Samper, Halilovic, Adama, Masip, Sergi Roberto, Bartra made till yet? Must be loads.... There are talks of almost half of these players wanting out to play first team football either on loan or on permanent basis. I've never said anything about Barcelona not "creating" youth players its mainly about giving them the chance and having the patience to see them develop. Basically equivalent to short term pain but long term gain. But they're losing their tradition.

  • @NotBiased *just a club

  • people need to understand if they are not liga fans that san mames is one of the toughest places to get a win.. there are more like Anoeta stadium

  • Thomas Vermaelen lost his medal now.

  • @HellKitchen Why? Alves and T.Stegen where the ones makeing the mistakes the entire game, id say Vermaelen was the best in defense this game.

  • Surprised people aren't slaughtering Alves, he was at fault for 3 of the 4 goals conceded.

  • i dnt think we are like bayern munich. i dnt think so

  • @nceshNcero but this is an opportunity to experience a miracle.

  • rakatic, busquest, and iniesta shoiuld have started. enriques ddnt want to win this match.

  • i expected whoscored to highlight messi as man of the match. bravo Athletic you are the going to win this trophy :)

  • @Mahdi Iranian hater?

  • @blitz i almost forgot! i don't hate any barca player except for Neymar and that because of his divings. messi is a great player no doubt and barca a great football club

  • @blitz come one boy! race has nothing to do with hating or loving a player. many of my friends are big fans of messi and barcelona.

  • @Mahdi may be this an opportunity to experience a miracle. barca winning the cup.... mmmmm.... lets be faithfull...

  • Tiki Taka is an inferior strategy. What's the point of having Messi and Suarez if the entire opponent's team is crowding their half when they get the ball and they don't have space to operate in. Stay in your half, invite pressure, and use the counterattacking strength of MSN

  • This dies hurt as it probably means no sextuple, but I think Barca have bigger problems. This game has just highlighted that whilst Barca do have one of the best starting 11's in the world, their bench is very below par. The fact that Pedro, one of the only good bench players, is leaving, only makes things worse. Who is left? Roberto, Bartra, Vermaelan, f##king Munir! Last year we were very lucky we had no major injuries but what if that doesn't happen this year. We have Arda and thats it, he cant even play until next year. That transfer ban is hurting us more than people realise, and I can only hope that we are able to replicate the same success this season.

  • @MessyLion I think you are overreacting based on few games.

  • @MessyLion And don't even get me started on f##king Doulas!

  • Enrique messed up. In European Super Cup, he substituted Iniesta very early. Results in 120 mins of rigorous play. Today, plays Mascherano along with two youngsters in midfield, are you serious? Gives start to Vermaelen and Bartra, what? Are you playing Almeria in a friendly or what? Without Neymar and Alba left flank is useless. One goal led to another and so on.. Fifth trophy is gone. Lets talk about team, too many central defenders in starting lineup means chaos, everybody comes in center when ball is crossed. Dear, you have to know your relative position while defending. In last game Mathieu was defending crossess as central defender, where as he should be on the wing to prevent crosses. Today, left central defender was on right, right one was on wing, Mascherano who was defensive midfielder was acting as cb. Poor bartra is not good enough to be in starting lineup, he has proven again and again.

  • @SYunusAli let us be faithful. this is football... anything can happen.

  • It is the title match. No matter they tried from the last 120 minutes, the best XI must be on the pitch if they are not injured.

  • gg no more six trophies

  • @loli no more one trophy

  • Bilbao have this one in their pocket already.. I'm not seeing Barca winning 5-0 at Camp Nou, unless we see a Bayern-Porto-like result which is difficult to pull off without an away goal and against a very defensive team.. Oh well..

  • Alves is awful today. And also what a stupid penalty from him. In winter Barcelona must bring a class right-back, and give him some rest from football.

  • Arduriz is a legend, ManUTD should sign him

  • Arduriz is a legend, ManUTD should sign him.

  • Luiz enrique and his f#### tactics.. f##### fool!! cnt evn put up a competitive side..

  • Barcelona's problem yet again is lack of depth, they have a starting lineup and youths as backup with a few other players that aren't enough

  • Ter Stegen: the German Iker?

  • @BugsBunny 8 goals conceded in 2 matches o.O The midfield just looks weak without Rakitic and Busquets, they both should have started even if fatigued due to the last match (they could be subbed out later on).


  • Barca need to score. 1-1 is a great result

  • if barca dont get an away goal,it will be really tough at the camp nou

  • Wat kind of line up is this?

  • @Lapulga got to remember they just had the UEFA Super Cup on Tuesday and the season's only just started so they aren't fully fit

  • y the hell rafinah geting the nod always>? lucho favour him...its gnna blow over the team anytime soon,...very unprofessional of him... barca should get rid rafinah already!!!

  • 3-1 barca but breaking athletic club defense will be a bit hard

  • @glenbayern or nah

  • Bilbao x Barcelona is always a tough match, people underated this too much. Barca will be tired from playing that 120min match and Bilbao will be motivaded by the fact that they are the underdogs, they have nothing to lose but at the end of the 90min i think that the current best team of world will be the winner. 0-2 Barcelona ( Messi and Suarez )

  • 1-2

  • It's going to be a tough match. Might not happen the way we are thinking. But am pretty sure, by the end of the 2nd 90 minutes, barca will be winners. Visca Barça!!!

  • Now I am waiting what happens when Messi picks the ball for a freekick!!

  • So who's going to score a hattrick? Messi or Suarez?

  • @blitz Aduriz ;)

  • @blitz its san mames tough..

  • Barca to win by 2 goals.