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  • LFC started the 1st half very well with some neat build-up play & attacking moves but that dominance faded as the game became more of an equal dual, but worthy of three pts though a draw would have been fairer .LFC is starting to have their injured players back and hence a complete squad .LFC under klopp is a different animal; thirsty&hungry for glory and more of zeal and zest in their play. #iamfanofLFC

  • Good to see Henderson and Sturridge back. Hopefully they're still with us for a while yet.

  • A win's a win but that was a little lucky. Draw would have been fair result but teams in bad form never seem to get that sort of fortune.

  • Rooney should feign a long-term injury and quietly fade from view if he wants to retain any dignity at all.

  • @hyperion Dude, you have posted that in every match center of a PL game today. Enough is enough, don`t you think so ? You seem to have a strong urge to tell that everybody ...

  • 2-1 like vs Bordeaux, the same odds for home win :)

  • Will Coutinho play?

  • At start of the season no one would have predicted Liverpool to trash in form Swansea, but things have worked out in very different directions for both teams since then. Luckily we have Leicester, Everton and West Ham to challenge bigger clubs. Interesting to see whether Benteke will start or not.

  • 2-0

  • let's wait and see Coutinho. Liverpool have gained confidence after huge performance. I'm sure Swansea will be humiliated at Anfield.

  • This could be over by half time,After liverpools performance last week confidence will be thru the roof and swansea performed horrible last week they were lucky to get a point there midfield looked very shaky and with liverpool pressing it will get worse,Also henderson will most likely be back and either sturridge or benteke back playing.This could be the end of monk which won't be deserved but could happen,I can see a 4-1 or 4-0 with liverpool dominating the game

  • Liverpool to win