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  • Lol, good old Chelsea, back in mid-table where they belong.

  • Not Sunderland's fault that Chelsea are a disgraceful team. Fair play to Sunderland for the win, but my opinion is that Chelsea should incur a points penalty and have multiple players banned. I believe when entering the league as a team and a player you must swear to give 100 percent effort at all times. It is clear from today and other games compared to the Spurs game that Chelsea don't do that. At the very least we can say only 2 or 3 of their players are giving it their all every game. This isn't acceptable at all. Aston Villa might be abysmal, but I think they have tried their best in all games. This is completely unacceptable by Chelsea.

  • damn. I hope all the sunderland players get cancer and die

  • @donnyy remove this comment btw Whoscored

  • @donnyy Remember it's just a game at the end of the day . A round ball getting kicked about.

  • As a Chelsea fan I'm glad that this season is finally over so we can get rid of some garbage players like Falcao and Remy. I long for some new players next season. Oh and don't think about bringing back cuadrado either, he was a true stinker. Maybe does ok in Italy but not material for the glorious EPL.

  • @Terry Remy is solid back up striker but Traore has already taken his place. I wouldn't rule out Cuadrado, it depends on Conte and what he needs from his squad. Willian has quality to play in midfield so there's actually room for right winger to compete for playing time with Pedro.

  • @Terry cuadrado not good enough for chelsea? In the glorious what? Epl??! Lol kid shut up, your club is begging to have him back, they are on the edge of their seats waiting for his return. They also are dreaming of Bonucci and Pogba, no? Idiot

  • @Terry cuadrado was one of chelseas best players and falcao and remy arent bad either

  • @Terry That moment when Champions League semi-finalist and Italian champion isn't good enough for 9th side in the EPL. Cuadrado didn't fit Mourinho's system and he barely got any playtime.

  • @Terry Remember that he took a long time to find his form at Juve. He never really got much gametime at chelsea.

  • 1-1

  • 1-0

  • 0-1 Chelsea win