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Arsenal Manchester United
Created a high number of chances relative to their possession
(Team has no significant strengths)
Stole the ball often from the opposition
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities through individual skill
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from the flanks
Were strong at finishing
(Team has no significant weaknesses)
Were poor at finishing
Were aggressive
Gave away a lot of free-kicks around the box
Were caught offside often
Attacked through the middle
Had a large quantity of possession in their opponent's half
Had a high shot frequency when in possession
Favoured long shots
Favoured through balls
Dominated possession
Favoured short passing

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Comments (123)

  • poor MU

  • Who saw that coming...I couldn't watch the ball cos my left is filled with man u,my right with man u,my back same as well and also my front...man u fans yelling,shoutibg,jubilating on games not played..when I checked d score online I saw 3-0 got home n saw d sitting room quiet...now who is laughing...arsenal I guess...lol

  • walcott 7.4 - you see why the system is flawed and apparently promotes being selfish. thatwas theo's best game as a striker. hope arsenal stay injury free so that we ca have a title race this year

  • Didn't expect this result but very happy. The perfect performance to go into the international break on.

  • @Overmars might be because of "e" and "s" in the name !

  • I don't understand how 2 goals from 3 shots, 3 dribbles won, Fouled 4 times, 2 key passes, 2 aerials won and 4 tackles isn't a 10 rating for Sanchez?

  • @TacticalMastermind and one accurate through ball

  • Arsenal's attacking football in the first 20 minutes was a different level of fast paced passing and build up play. They wasted no time trying to get that first goal which is what I wish Manchester United would try to do in most of their games.

  • Well... At least we have a win in the Champions League this season... + Double the points of Chelsea, cant complain :)

  • lots of possession but no goals? That's where the problem lies. The second period made it very obvious.

  • @okpetimemmanuel Bayern Munich had the same problem and thats why got players that are godd in 1-1 or even 1-3 like Ribery, Robben, Cost, Coman and Thiago... If you play possession type football you always have the entire defence right in front of you. Possession only gives you control of the game and ball but doesn`t create any scoring chenaces. That has to be done by technical gifted players that have perfect ball control in tight areas and can go by defenders with ease.

  • @neumi17- And dive if remotely touched. :-p

  • @SteveHyland That's an option, yes. But only if you are Dutch...

  • @neumi17- Or French unless you think Ribery doesn't dive...

  • What's good Roy Keane?

  • Jokes aside , I hope United don't overthink about this result and put misery behind them by learning from this rather than putting their heads down. Shite happens. You win some and you learn from some. Losing 3-0 to Arsenal at Emirates doesn't mean you're suddenly crap. They're still a quality side possessed with excellent players and some of the best talents in world football. The fans need them and the English football also needs them to turn up in Europe.

  • But but but United had more possession.

  • @NotBiased bring in david moyes.

  • @glenbayern Don't get carried away. After 2 successive defeats in UCL & Bayern games ahead there is not that much room for happiness.

  • @NotBiased- Yep but only when it didn't matter. :-p

  • @SteveHyland Sack van Gaal , sell Giggs.

  • The first half is what happens when our 3 bona fide world class players- Cazorla, Oezil and Sanchez, all turn up. No team could've handled that relentless, fast, precise attacking football. Amazing to watch. In the 2nd half we played very conservatively, which I don't like. It invites pressure and Utd should've put 1 of their chances away. We're much better when we're in control of the game. We defended well on the whole though and all's well that ends well. Coquelin could be world class if he cuts out those stupid fouls like he committed on Rooney. Going absolutely nowhere and he sticks out a leg, gives away a free kick and gets a yellow. Ramsey was our 'worst' payer today and even he played alright. Shows the level of the performance.

  • @SteveHyland Your definition of World Class must be too "polite" If you think Cazorla , Oezil and Sanchez are all world class. You could make a case for Oezil when he was at Madrid but Sanchez and Cazorla are nowhere near world class and never have been. There are at best 4-5 world class players in the PL which is underwhelming when you think there are 4-5 world class players in each of the top teams alone in Spain and Germany. The only bona fide world class players in the PL are Silva , De Gea and Aguero. You could make a case for Toure(when he actually cares) and Fabregas(start of last season) but that's about it.

  • @NotBiased- Cazorla has created 267 chances since the 2012/13 season compared to 278 for Oezil, 296 for Silva, 223 for Rakitic, 257 for Pirlo (including this season in the MLS), 133 for Robben although that was injury hit, ditto for Oezil, 192 for Ronaldo, 227 for Messi, 172 for Sanchez. He is quite clearly in the top 1% of passers in the world and created those 267 chances while playing in 3 different positions. Alexis since his last season at Udinese has a conversion rate of a goal every 5.24 shots compared to Ronaldo's 5.4 which is obviously bettered by the number of penalties he takes/scores. Aguero's is less than both at 5.75 (and is a true striker). Lewandowski's is similar. These are league stats only but Cazorla & Sanchez are clearly world class. You are in the minority who thinks they aren't I'm afraid.

  • @SteveHyland Worth noting that if you mean that these three are world class(when at their best) then you are probably correct . But if you mean these three are bona fide world class players and perform as well as some of the best players in their position then I'm afraid they may be world class on the training pitch but they've not shown that on the biggest stage.

  • @NotBiased- Well hopefully they do the biz in the2 gams against Bayern, if only for pride. I don't expect it though because Wenger is the boss.

  • @SteveHyland 2/2 I'd love nothing more than these players proving me wrong but you don't get embarrassed in Europe time and time again if you have these so called "World Class" players.

  • @NotBiased- The circumstances rather dictate if a player is allowed to perform at their best though and its never as simple to say a team lost because this player didn't turn up. If you're under the kosh for no fault of your own and then are unable to play how you can, it can hardly be your fault. I don't disagree that we have failed miserably in the CL but my argument is that it isn't because we don't have WC players in attacking positions. Our constant underestimation of seemingly lesser opponents, poor setups and plan A or no plan tactics surely are the fault of the manager? This argument is unable to be proven or disproven fully until we actually have a different manager in 2050 but the Monaco, Zagreb and Olympiakos games followed the same path- concede a stupid goal from a counter attack (ultra-high defensive line), set play (zonal marking) or speculative effort, get back in the game through domination, concede another stupid goal from a counter attack or set play. Lose the game.

  • @SteveHyland I don't think stats tell everything. "Stats" showed that Hazard created more chances than Messi. I don't think I need to mention how absurd that is? Just watch them play and you'll notice the difference. Robben is a match winner and has proven himself as a world class player time and time again. Sanchez is only a big fish in a small pond. Cazorla might have created 751235132 chances per game but the bottom line is he's nowhere near the best midfielders in the Europe. Neither is Sanchez anywhere near the level of some of the best attackers in Europe. Aguero is the only out and out world class attacker in the PL who's capable of winning matches on his own against the top teams and among the top 3 players in the world in position which is what I call world class. The current version of Oezil is far from world class as well. If you're going to include these 3 players in the world class bracket then you may as well include Mata , Hazard , Fabregas and Costa too.

  • @NotBiased- It's not absurd if you prefix a statement with "In terms of chances created..." before saying Eden Hazard was better than Lionel Messi. It doesn't mean he's a better player, or as good, but it does mean in that single element he was as good or better. You cannot argue against facts with opinions especially in something as subjective as sport. If you went to Cambridge, Harvard, Imperial etc with a statistical comparison of Subject A and Subject B and argued Subject B wasn't as good at their job as A even though in the 2 most important criteria for the role (in this case, creating chances and retaining possession) he/she has better numbers, they'd tear your thesis up. There are some things which stats can never measure and subjectivity is required- in football producing your best against the best for example- but an individual's performance is often dictated by how good his support cast are. Lionel Messi for Barcelona looks much better than the one for Argentina for example.

  • @SteveHyland Then the statistical sense would not be enough to measure the ability of the players. If you think they are world class because of their stats then that doesn't really make any sense. You can define them as players with world class stats but not world class in terms of level of performance. De Bruyne had world class stats last season , doesn't mean he's world class. In the same way if you're involved heavily in the game stats only won't do you any justice. Stats won't measure consistency and seriousness. Decent stats against QPR wouldn't make you world class but against top teams in the latter stages of Europe or decisive games in the PL would. Oezil , Cazorla and Sanchez play with each other so if all of them are world class why can't they play well in big games? No team has 11 world class players and if you have 3-4 players at that level you can go a long way in Europe and the league. And its not that they play under a mug or someone who has no tactical sense.

  • @SteveHyland lol you aint getting out of group stages, joke club.

  • @SteveHyland You will understand quality of the players of your team against Bayern. Remember Arsenal struggled against poor Chelsea in away game.

  • @Farzad.- That reasoning makes no sense. We were poor against a team that were struggling (Chelsea) and beat one in form (Man Utd) so will automatically be found out against another team in form? Granted, Bayern will be the toughest team we've faced this season and have fantastic players in attacking positions, but other quality attacking teams can get at them, especially ones with pace. You'd be in the minority if you suggested the 3 players I mentioned aren't world class and any team with world class attackers can beat any other.

  • @SteveHyland I strongly believe in Alexis. He is a fantastic player who might be the best player of the PL, but Ozil is overrated & Cazorla is decent.

  • @SteveHyland Completely agree. I feel that we invited too much pressure unnecessarily and Cech had to save us once or twice. Still good that we held out in the end.

  • 62% possession with zero goals. Thats means we have a problem

  • @Erastus- It was all in the 2nd half where Arsenal were just standing their ground though. Stats can be deceiving.

  • @erastus No, it just means van Gaal is your coach...

  • @neumi17 Any team with 3-0 up wouldn't want to risk conceding a goal so they allowed utd possession. The game was lost in first 20 minutes.

  • nicely done gunners! Lets give the red devils their hell.

  • Come on united fans. You won the 2nd half. Get in!

  • Louis "send him home through the morning van" Gaal...

  • Credit to Rooney. Despite things not going for him this season he's putting in a solid shift. Only united player who cares at the moment.

  • Arsenal >>>>>>>>>>> Chelsea ( 2015-16 Season )

  • 8-2 is still on. With the way its going I'd be more surprised with 8-2 than 8-0.

  • No!!!Man utd!!Pls Come back Wif a win !!!

  • Alexis 5 dribbles !!!

  • Where is that "invincible" Arsenal in Europe?

  • haha, 1 shot only from MU

  • Sanchez making Darmian look like Ivanovic.

  • @AndreyNosatii- Ha.

  • i can see still 3-4 goals to come

  • @shailesh you are shi t!

  • Shouldnt have benched Schneiderlin imo, way too leaky in the middle...

  • Lulz

  • Wenger strikes back !!!

  • Arsenal have peaked too early in this match

  • @Villa just the right time to kill them off if u ask me!!!!

  • who saw that coming?

  • @JoeB91 Anyone can see Arsenal midfielders are more skillful and better with ball as I said, but no one new they could be this dominant. But what is LVG thinking starting young as left back against Arsenal and not starting Schneiderlin?

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • OFFICIAL TEAM: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Mertesacker, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ramsey, Oezil, Alexis, Walcott. BENCH: Ospina, Debuchy, Chambers, Gibbs, Chamberlain, Campbell, Giroud.

  • @SteveHyland- What idiot gave me a thumbs down for REPORTING the official team?

  • Come on United, tear them apart 3-1, we are back to the top haha

  • @fajri26united hahahahahaha

  • When its all been said and done, its time for action...Comeon man utd, make me proud..#martial_law imposed

  • @erastus action!!! ha!!! agun each to rectify that 1st 15min!!!

  • Mata all again...

  • @alfmz REALLY????

  • Just seen that Anthony Taylor will be the ref. Two red cards for Arsenal confirmed...

  • Think this will be a high scoring draw.

  • It's really frustrating to see Arsenal loose concentration all over again, they just can't concede easy goals anymore. In contrast United players are very responsible with the ball, Van Gaal has made sure of that. Otherwise Arsenal players are more skillful, except Walcott who lacks first touch and Ramsey who has no real qualities to play as winger. Arsenal should let United keep the ball and try it fast, they are actually quite good at counter attacks. If they can keep their defense organised and stay focused, I see Arsenal winning this one. United's attacking game is just too depended on Juan Mata.

  • Arsenal no win, easy.

  • @Gabriele07 Odds for United are presents.

  • a draw

  • This is best time for united to faces arsenal in london. Martial,mata,depay,smaling,basti are in best form since begining of season and arsenal with huge amount of injured players could put manutd in top of league strongley.

  • Danny Welbeck MOTM..����

  • MU win or draw

  • Over 3.5 goals here.

  • Oh this match's page is full of United fans that's why everyone who says something against them gets like 5 ou 7 dislikes. They feel this match is important so every fan comes to this page. Dislike as many you want, I'll say this once again...ARSENAL TO WIN OR DRAW :D

  • @hellreaper i hate united,but arsenal lost the match against olympiakos,zagreb ,there is nothing sure about arsenal atm but i really hope that they win this game

  • Funny how United fans are talking of martial like he's the new God! He's scored 3 goals and all of the sudden he's the new Ronaldo now! Tbh United have not played the in-form teams this season! Arsenal are hot favourites with all bookies to win this game! Forget about champions league. Arsenal can beat Dynamo Zagreb and Olympiacos 100 times each if they played again!

  • @albgunn Fans in getting excited with the arrival of a young talent shocker. If you can't get excited by the prospect of a young player breaking through and proving the critics wrong then you may as well just give up on football. (not a united fan)

  • @albgunn In last 13 meetings arsenal have won only once. Last season arsenal won only 12 points against top sides utd have won twice(24) points then arsenal.Tbh we have won more games at emirates then arsenal.

  • @WazzaFC stop clinging to history. this is now. home win by 2 clear

  • @psmartp Oh!! You arsenal fans start of the season talking s**t about utd and we finished last 2 seasons higher and all that. You guys truly are deluded p*icks.

  • @WazzaFC still clinging to the past! it means nothing where u finished last 2 seasons. its the here & now that counts. im a carlisle fan, i just think man u fans r still dizzy over the trophys they won 15-20yr ago. it means nothing if your playing crap now!!!

  • @albgunn First of all, Martial is still a teenager. Scoring three PL goals in this amount of time at that age is reason to celebrate the kid. Secondly, it doesn't matter that you could win "100 times each if they played again." It's the fact that you DID lose showing you're not in form.

  • 3:2 Arsenal! No way in hell Walcott and Sanchez won't score!

  • After CL game arsenal have the worst record against top sides in PL. I would go with 2-1 for utd. We had best record against top 6 sides last season winning 24 points 4 more then chelsea.

  • @WazzaFC that was last season. going on last season chelski should be top! were in a new season wazza.mr stat history

  • @psmartp That is fact arsenal are s**t against top times. we have won more games against arsenal at emirates then arsenal.

  • @WazzaFC not today mr benitez (fact)!

  • @WazzaFC- The scheduling has been poor this season. I know fixtures should be random but if the F.A saw the greater good, they wouldn't have Chelsea v Arsenal and Arsenal v Man Utd after midweek CL games. Every game in the prem is difficult I agree, but the so-called big games are even more so. It isn't too difficult to write "no games between the previous season's top 7" into the EPL fixture software. Sunday games should be mandatory for the CL/EL teams who had away fixtures too. The Saturday midday KO for Chelsea vs Arsenal when Arsenal returned to London early Thursday morning was farcical.

  • Arsenal to Win or Draw for sure

  • arsenal looked very good against my side leicester last week but they are still dodgy at the back, vardy could have had 4 if the woodwork hadnt intervened , uniteds defence looks solid this season 1-1 draw

  • @Foxeyrod solid as a rock m8!

  • @Foxeyrod well its lucky man u look dodgy up front!so it evens out. smalling will get over confident & make a balls up i recon. his run of good form lately is to good for a player of his stature. and todays game will end his run

  • @psmartp Dodgy upfront..LOL we have scored more goals then arsenal and conceded less goals.

  • @WazzaFC with how many wasted tho? not clinical enough because rooney has to keep running backwards to sort the mess out. meaning his presence is lacking up top where he is more clinical than most

  • The thing I'm most certain of is that this won't be a draw. If Arsenal pitches up, it'll be theirs, but I wouldn't (and won't) bet on it.

  • 2-1 for United. #GGMU

  • 2-1 for United. #GGMU

  • 1-4(Alexis - Rooney, Memphis 2, Martial)

  • GGMU, good day all, my opinion is that man utd will rotate the squad and will play possession football, arsenal as well, they both love possession football, so it will come down to who take their chances, 3-1 or 2-1 to united

  • Arsenal will have one more day of rest,beyond that I trust a 1-3 UNITED. MOTM: Mata. GGMU!!!

  • Can only see a Man United win 0-2. Martial or Mata MOTM and more boos at the emirates where we have played rubbish for the past 6-8 months. (both in the league and CL)

  • @Overmars if u can only see that result u need to open your eyes further

  • @psmartp like i said..i think your view of man u has been left behind time!

  • God help us all, Anthony Taylor is the ref. Maybe a worse ref than Dean, and that's quite something. Taylor seems plain incompetent though, unlike Dean, although that's obviously no better. Please Taylor, don't try to be the star of the match.

  • @What4- How the hell has that happened, Taylor is from Greater Manchester! He doesn't support Utd as far as I know (think he's an Altringham fan although he could be blagging it just to get Utd games), but that's still hardly impartial. Might as well get Webb out of retirement, at least you know you'll concede a penalty and can plan for it. Michael Oliver should be the ref. He is only average but is by default the best in the league and doesn't get pissy when the F.A retrospectively punish incidents he missed. He's from Ashington, so no problem in that regard either. I would say Dean is in a class of his own. Taylor is dosey but it seems Dean makes controversial decisions because he likes being in the limelight. In recent seasons Martin Atkinson has made a run at the title of arch-tosser so a few more clangers and he could be #1. You can do it Martin!

  • @SteveHyland I had no idea he was from the Manchester area. You just can't put anything past the PGMO. He's from the area, and he's not one of the better refs, so why did he get a big game appointment?

  • @What4- Not sure, also to add into the equation is that he was dropped for game after that ridiculous performance at the Emirates in Villa's 3-1 win a couple of years ago. It must be to please Mourinho after choir boy Costa was retrospectively punished...

  • Arsenal surely going to attack more than united, but again de gea will be the man in this match, think it will be draw or narrow win for united. But i hope we win this match �� 2-1 united

  • @fajri26united We always have been clinical against arsenal. I would go with a 2-1 win for utd.

  • Very tough match to call.arsenal will create most of the chances.2-1 arsenal

  • What a match this is going to be!!

  • Martial show him (Wenger) what his missing upfront. Don't forget the summer interview when you said his just an overpriced WINGER! ;)

  • @Steven21s- He quite clearly did not say that. He criticised the market, NOT the player and said that Martial is more of a "winger type" (which he is/was at Monaco). Martial is having a good run atm but this is the honeymoon period. Only after he is known in the prem, and defences know how to play him, can we see how good or bad he is. All the true greats this league has seen- Henry, Bergkamp, Cantona, Ronaldo, Zola... were amazing even when opposition defences knew what to expect. Incidentally, Arsenal enquired about both Martial and Kurzawa and had them earmarked 3-4 years ago but Monaco were insistent neither would be sold.

  • @SteveHyland Disastrous window for us, we signed Yaya Sanogo and Welbeck over Martial who will pass both of them in the goal scoring stakes despite being 3 years younger and played 1/4 of the games! Don't forget, Sa no-goal has only 1 in his entire career at AFC, and Danny has 8 after 1 or 2 seasons! Martial has 4 goals (!) after 5 games! Don't let your Arsenal bias get in the way of objective analysis.

  • @Overmars- I'm not sure how your reply pertains to my original comment? I am the biggest Wenger critic on here and agree this transfer window was disastrous but my reply to Steve21s was purely regarding Wenger's comments on Martial (well, and Kurzawa). I'd like to point out that although Welbeck's goal scoring has been poor at Arsenal, he has the lowest minutes per goal ratio of everyone in Euro 2016 qualifying that has scored 6 or more (Lewandowski and Mueller included) with the exception of Dzyuba for Russia who scored 4 in 1 game against Liechtenstein and despite being played out wide. The fact he doesn't score at Arsenal despite our attacking talent is more down to Wenger than Danny although he does need to work on his finishing.

  • @Steven21s i'm not sure if you have watched the interview or not. Arsene never said Martial is overpriced. Interpreting people's words in a wrong way just to prove a point is kinda lame.