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  • thanks liverpool

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  • What a matchweek. It's like nobody wants to win this league

  • @Zootball gogo L.

  • Sterling again shows why we got rid of him. He is like a boy amongst men when he plays against Liverpool.

  • @mikers135 look at sterling know......!!! One of the key players in city.

  • @mikers135 He left. you didn't get rid of anyone.

  • @richccfc We don't need him. City only wanted him because they needed English players, and they paid way more than what he is worth. He'll be shipped off to the highest bidder in another year.

  • @mikers135 Haha wow, you don't know much about the football market and how they meassure alot of players potential ? 1 speed, (something that's hard to buld) and attitued. He's got both. give him a couple of yearswe'll see what happens. I don't think they'll ever sip him off. Would be stupid. a great prospect & english international. can only get better.

  • @yosoyelpapichulo Nah he's sh*t.

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  • @SOSA Nowhere near Yaya

  • @Exti you must be kidding. He was the reason for both incidents in these matches between liverpool and man city.

  • Milner Flop of the Match

  • @koziol.mutant Your comment is the biggest flop of the night.

  • @koziol.mutant ok

  • @koziol.mutant o rly

  • 6-0

  • 1-1

  • Get it right this time Liverpool, put these ragtag primadonnas to the sword.

  • both to score again:)

  • this is either a Liverpool win or a draw. both teams are tired and a draw would not be a bad result given current form even though City need all points to stay in the title race. Liverpool can do damage too will some good in-form players, Coutinho, Firmino etc.

  • 2 - 1 Liverpool Win

  • Another draw or liverpool to win. Always a weird psychological phenomena where the team who wins first in the space of a short time loses the 2nd round.

  • @spursman4 thumbs down...lol. i am right.

  • I feel like without being pressured Liverpool could win this... in previous match, the final, the just lost mentaly... but now there is nothing to lose, contrary to City.

  • I think this match will be considerably more interesting than the game at the weekend, but it's so hard to predict. If Citeh don't win, I think they're out of the title race, but I also have a feeling Liverpool's desire for revenge will be very strong. Both sides have very important players out. This really could go either way, but I have a feeling Sterling will be involved in some form of drama

  • @SlippinJimmy Sterling wasn't allowed to get involved in anything. Flanno owned him.

  • Mancity players are older than liverpool. so 2-0 liverpool win.

  • MC will be too hungover to win here. 2-1.

  • 1.Philippe Coutinho will still score