Match Summary

Athletic Bilbao Barcelona
(Team has no significant strengths)
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from the flanks
Were poor at finishing
Gave away a lot of free-kicks around the box
Lost possession often
Were caught offside often
Gave away a lot of free-kicks around the box
Were caught offside often
(Team showed no specific style of play)
Dominated possession

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Positional Report

Athletic Bilbao


Athletic Bilbao


Athletic Bilbao


Athletic Bilbao


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Comments (59)

  • kjh

  • Vermaelen. Well done, lad! Whoddathunkit?

  • Roberto played very good game and Vermaelen was almost perfect.

  • Rafinha should never play as a LW again, Sandro made more of an impact in his few minutes on the pitch.

  • @bradley.fcb Untill January there isnt really a lot of options for the left wing when Neymar is out now that Pedro is gone. This wouldve been perfect for Turan to show his worth if Barca wouldnt have gotten the transfer ban...

  • 3points was good. real madrid is gona nail it tonight. 8-0. 5 goals for ronaldo

  • @nceshNcero thanks for the jinx, lad

  • @nceshNcero lol that wasn't a good prediction :)

  • @YetiPOL lol.. eish.. i ddnt see that coming... lol.. i guess ill be a barca fan now.. lol

  • Suarez's 2nd goal was a thing of beauty. Shame it was disallowed.

  • this was a tough match for barca. how is that saurez ddnt get the second goal.

  • Vermaelen MOTM. Flawless performance.

  • @bradley.fcb roberto was great as well

  • @bradley.fcb Exactly!

  • According to the ratings in the 83 rd minute Messi is the worst player on barcas side. Thats quite rare ...

  • atleast penaldo can score them

  • @patricia.singh.14 You are so ignorant to why Ronaldo is called Penaldo. He is not called penaldo for taking a lot of penalties. He is called penaldo coz he always dive for penalty. And Ronaldo has also missed so many PKs.

  • @Macchonk i just simply said that his penalty conversion rate is far superior to messi's

  • @Macchonk Sir, talking about ignorance, while .. "coz he always dive for penalty". Also, Ronaldo's penalty record is significantly better than Messi's. *Insert oh, the irony meme/gif*

  • @Exti I never said anything about who is better at scoring the penalty, I think you need some reading comprehension class done. I just said that Ronaldo have missed a lot more PKs than people think.

  • @Exti Messi's conversion rate is 80%

  • @Macchonk During his EPL days I believed that to be true. And then I saw Neymar.

  • @Ala How many penalties has Neymar been given for diving? none? ok, thx.

  • @Macchonk what? How many did he miss? 3? Maybe 4, in his whole career

  • @Zootball CR missed 11 penalties so far, he isnt a God level penalty taker, like Hazard, or Nestor Ortigoza from San Lorenzo (30/31) etc...

  • We all know it wasnt a penalty #justice served

  • Penalsi :)

  • @HR.Seven lionel missi

  • Did Dani Alves get injured?

  • @felipe9525 it seems like.

  • Its Messi show time :-)

  • @Rohit No, not really ...

  • @Rohit #Missi

  • @Rohit It's not good to start the season wasting a penalty. Oh well... \=

  • This game is very hard to predict. Barca is not losing it, that's for sure.

  • @truestory Just like the 4-0 a week ago ey?

  • @Kendev no, because that would be losing, wouldn't it. Barca doesn't screw up 3 times in a row.

  • Draw 1-1

  • To real madrid fans, if you cannot get three cup (laliga, copa, champions league) on one season, don't get mad because of another team got it TWICE..

  • @two_six a team which kneels before bilbao :D 5-1 embarrassing

  • @two_six 'To real madrid fans' on a Barca game...

  • @Kendev im a madrid fan and im here

  • i'd like to see hat trick from Messi

  • I don't trust Bartra but i hope he does enough here to get us 3 points.

  • Barcelona to smash them 2:0!

  • I don't see Barca winning. The UEFA Super cup should have been a warning sign and Barca was very lucky. How often do Messi's free kicks go in? How often do Rafinha and Pedro score? How often do the opponent gift Busquets the ball near the box? Barca only had 1 or 2 well earned goals in that game. Add on the 4-0 beatdown and the inability to get a good result at home, injuries, suspensions, idk how Barca can get a good result here

  • @ChaoticReaper If you watched the Spanish Supercup 1st leg between Athletic and Barça you must admit that Athletic didn't deserve to win with that big gap in the result. Every single mistake made by Barça was turned into a goal by Athletic de Bilbao, not very usual at least. Athletic played on Thursday in Slovakia against Zilina and they don't have many defenders available. Do not forget that they will play their most important game in the season in four days, the 2nd leg against Zilina and they must come from behind after a 3-2 loss in Slovakia. Let's admit that the absences of Piqué and Neymar will not help Barça to perform at their best but I think they will get the victory this time. They cannot afford another bad result against Bilbao. The local media would switch on the shitty-fan so early in the season and it would not be the best way to face what is coming.

  • @Pygmalion how could you say that bilbao didnt deserve to win by that margin of goals they took their chances and were simply better

  • @ChaoticReaper How often Barca doesn't win in three games against the same team? Never.

  • Madridiots. It's not there to be considered literally. I know this website is flooded with madridiots. So fu** off

  • @blitz we kicked your asses back in 2012 remember. real madrid fan here

  • @saeed9 He has selective memory. He won't remember.

  • @blitz lol what ? How about atletico just one year ago? And not only 3 but six matches in a row without a win ...

  • @Sleviiiiin you're saying league winner Atletico from over a year ago is on par with Athletic Club?

  • @LLCAN didn't say that don't twist my words. I was replying to some who said that barca never fail to beat a team tree time in a row, wich is wrong : and i gave a recent example. As simple as that.

  • @Sleviiiiin examples are supposed to provide perspective. can't compare apples to oranges.

  • I hope, this time, Barca will show all skills to get win for their fans...

  • Draw 2-2

  • Not an easy place to win