Match Summary

Barcelona Levante
Created a high number of chances relative to their possession
Created a high number of chances relative to their possession
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities through individual skill
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from long shot situations
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from the flanks
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from set-pieces
Were strong at finishing
Commited a high number of individual errors
Lost possession often
Gave away a lot of free-kicks around the box
Were caught offside often
Commited a high number of individual errors
Had a large quantity of possession in their opponent's half
Favoured long shots
Attacked through the middle
Attacked through the middle
Dominated possession
Had a high shot frequency when in possession
Favoured short passing
Favoured through balls

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Comments (62)

  • Great game , keep it up barca

  • RIP Ter Stegen :(

  • @stront @patricia.singh.14 Messi always missed unimportant penalties, but the only VIP(Very Important Penalties) that messi missed is 2012 UEFACL semifinal(VS Chelsea). However, Ronaldo missed 2008 UEFACL semifinal(VS Barcelona), 2008 UEFACL final(VS Chelsea), 2012 UEFACL semifinal(VS Bayern), 2015 LFP VS Valencia...

  • @tigerlion I think Messi is getting agitated with the amount of PK he has missed. Regardless of how many PK he missed, I will still support Messi taking the PK honestly. The only time he should stop taking the PK is when he is no longer the ace, that's my personal opinion.

  • Strange to see Barcelona not playing 4-3-3.

  • Things I learned from this match, 1. Never listen to those who compares Messi to any stricker. 2. Once a old man told me that scoring penalties is only about confidence, Messi does not have it now. 3. Busquets is heart of Barca midfield. 4. Batra have more scoring sense than Munir, Sandro can only run. Even though it may change in time. 5. Stegen need to practice ball catching. Peace -:)

  • @undertaker Penalty is not only about confidence. It also involves luck and goalkeepers' ability. In case of Messi, he doesn't like it and always experiments too much.

  • @MSNTREBLETREBLE I'm adding some more point to @MSNTREBLETREBLE. It you do not believe in confidence theory on penalties, Please try to look at Messi's face when he take penalties. Even in this match when he missed one, he looked very upset, why? because he was worried that he might miss a penalty. That what killing his confidence on penalties.

  • @undertaker First, every striker upsets when not able to score goals. Second, Messi tries to experiment new methods, especially unimportant penalties, for last night, in the middle of top crossbar, one success and one failure. Last season, he tried Penanka. Third, He has been tried to use Independent goalkeeper method instead of dependent goalkeeper method for the certain time. Confidence or not, you can see obviously when he scores the crucial knockout penalties like in the matches against Columbia and Chili in the Copa America tournament.

  • @undertaker Sorry, I was adding point to @neumi17

  • @MSNTREBLETREBLE Mueller from Bayern almost never misses a Penalty... Why ? Because he always waits for the goalkeeper to move and than shoots in the other corner. Most footballer just go for one corner and than look at the ball and shoot. Its fifty-fifty for the keeper. Mueller instead looks at the goalkeeper and just waits. So there is more to penalties than just confidence ...

  • @neumi17 Dude, penalty is all about confidence, yeah there is some skill involved but confidence is the biggest problem with Messi right now as he has missed quiet a decent amount. Still is the best.

  • @neumi17 exactly

  • Look the number of Messi haters swarming in the comment section after he missed a penalty

  • Bartra had a great game, much better than Masch who has looked out of touch these past few games. Dani made an instant impact coming off an injury and was arguably a better attacker than Snadro and Munir, who had fairly quiet nights. Rakitic looked uncomfortabke in that CDMish spot but he still performed pretty well. Neymar did a lot of harassing down that left wing and was very effective and Messi in the CAM spot was very good, just a preview of how he will play as age slows him down. Solid performance for Barca without having to tire all our key llayers, and showcase some younger talent.

  • @MessyLion yeah i agree with that bartra played incredible

  • everyone probably feel more secure giving Messi a penalty than letting him take on the whole defense line!

  • Sandro is problematic for Barça. Always slowing down the attacs

  • @Taha25 Munir and Sandro will play better just give them sometime

  • @Taha25 Well Munir is not really better, he was bad at handling the ball today, he gave it up so many times... For another team than Levante, we're going to keep at least two of the MSN up front. The other problem with this formation is that it pushed Rakitic back for most of the game, and he's really good with Alves to create chances.

  • Messsssssssssssiiiiii)

  • why do some ppl think that messi is the best? he cant even score penalties LOL! no wonder barca children r so envious of ronaldo

  • @stront By the way I just checked out your name for ratings. Guess what, you have gotten 81 % downvotes in the last three months ! Seems like you either have no clue about football or you like to get negative responds. Neither makes your opinion very intresting to others...

  • @stront “A penalty is a cowardly way to score.” -Pelé

  • @stront He didn't like scoring penality. It is normal because a genius doesn't like to do easy things. The second goal is the answer.

  • @stront I don`t think there is a single Barca kid out there that is envious of Ronaldo. Why would they ? The best in the world is playing for them ...

  • @stront wake me up when ronaldo plays CAM to create chances for his teammates

  • @KlaasJanHuntelaar wake me up when messi can convert all his penalties

  • @patricia.singh.14 He doesn`t have too, 95% rate is enough. Plus he scores so many other goals, who cares if he converts 20 of 20 penalties or just 17 of 20 ...

  • @patricia.singh.14 funny to see his performance in this match easily beats ronaldo's game this week by miles and all you people see is messi missing a penalty

  • @patricia.singh.14 Like that is even relevant. Keep wasting your time on this useless and unsolvable competition between Messi and Ronaldo, I'm just going to keep on rooting for Barcelona. At the end of the year, when they raise the trophy, at least there is no doubt which team has been better.

  • @ColtraneL so penalties are irrelevant it is part of the game and atleast he can score them just proves hes the more complete player hes better at finishing hes quicker and is incredible in the air

  • @patricia.singh.14 Pastore responded to you pretty well in his two answers, but I was mainly stating that in the end, this is a team sport and you're gonna lose less time encouraging the team you support because the teams actually have objective trophies that compare them over a season.

  • @patricia.singh.14 and average/bad vision, zero through balls, zero playmaking ability, bad long passing, average dribbling, trash shooting/goal ratio etc etc etc. Messi is the best of the world in all of these. CR is more complete ? Just LOL...

  • @Pastore10 Of course in the highest stages.

  • @Pastore10 he is a goalscorer not a play maker

  • @patricia.singh.14 So he is not complete than if he is just a he sucks in dribbling. Messi is a goalscorer AND a playmaker AND a passer AND a dribbler ...

  • @patricia.singh.14 Attacking player's components=Goalscoring+Dribbling+Passing (playmaking ability), Messi=100%+100%+100%, CR 100%+50%+50%...

  • @patricia.singh.14 well then messi can score and is also a playmaker this ends the argument

  • @patricia.singh.14 the fact that you're arguing about penalties just shows that's all Ronaldo is

  • @JoeB91 totally not true he is the only player to ever get 2 5+goal hauls

  • Missy!!!!!! h ahaa hha

  • Keep winning them penalties, but leave scoring them to Ronaldo ;)

  • @What4 keep scoring them penalties, but leave winning them trophies to Messi ;)

  • @bradley.fcb good stuff!!! LOL

  • Neymaaaaaaaaarrr!!!!!

  • Nice Control and Finish by Bartra

  • Can anyone confirm, when did Barca played any formation other than 4-3-3?

  • @undertaker Against psg. It was 3-5-1-1

  • munir:-| :-| :-| :-| :-| .bartra had a awsome tackle and interception

  • Munir is shockingly bad

  • Confirmed Barca squad for today's game: Stegen, Adriano, Alves, Mascherano, Batra, Rakitic, Bushi, Messi, Neymar, Sandro, Munir :|

  • Who dafuq vote for a draw? lol I'm Madrid fan and im laughing.

  • I think is draw

  • I think is draw well I hope so

  • Messi to score 5

  • I wonder if Levante has any fans around the world. They're getting slaughtered tonight.

  • Hopefully Messi manages to score a hattrick.

  • Don't you feel stupid to still come up with this totally overdone bs phrase EVERY GAME?

  • A 3-0 win for Catalans Pride , M & S in the score sheet.

  • Messi hatrick, simple win to take the 3 points and keep RM in their usual spot.

  • @Beastador Its hardly a contest with levante on the other end.