Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(108) 89 Goals 23 (39)
(90) 59 Assists 21 (30)
(7.1) 7.4 Average Ratings 6.6 (6.6)
29.8 Average Age 25.9
181.1 Average Height (cm) 178.7
(1.3) 1.9 Shots pg 0.8 (0.8)
(57%) 54% Aerial Duel Success 38% (42%)
(1.1) 0.9 Dribbles pg 0.6 (0.8)
(1.2) 1.4 Tackles pg 1.5 (1.3)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Primera Division.

Missing Players

No missing players.
Player Reason Status Rating
Bernardo Espinosa Out 7.09
Sergio Álvarez Out 7.01
Omar Mascarell Out 6.55

Team News

  • Mateo Kovacic is back from a ban, with the ex-Inter midfielder unlikely to get a look in.
  • Isco and James Rodriguez will battle it out to feature in the number 10 role, as Zinedine Zidane opts to entertain at the Bernabeu.
  • Sergio Ramos and Gareth Bale are both expected to start, despite spending a little bit of time away from the group.
  • Bernardo will be out until July, with Jorge Mere replacing his teammate at centre-back.
  • Omar Mascarell is ineligible to feature against his parent club.
  • No changes are expected in the forward line.


  • Real Madrid are unbeaten in their last four La Liga outings, as Los Blancos look to try and close the gap between themselves and top spot.
  • Zidane's first game at the helm ended in a comprehensive 5-0 victory against Deportivo, with the Frenchman hoping for more of the same.
  • Sporting have suffered four consecutive defeats in top-flight action, with Abelardo's side perhaps hoping for damage limitation this weekend.
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User Predictions

Comments (49)

  • Second half display was very poor by Real Madrid. No creativity, no running, no pressing, no dribbles, no rythm. It is as if they have a match in 3 days and don't want to run extra, which is not the case and they should have kept the rythm till the end. James was very average, no defending and only running when with the ball. Jese lacks finishing his moves with proper shots/passes. Kovacic was not much involved in the mins he played either, though all the team was poor in the second half so won't judge him on that.

  • At 5-0 there is not point in pressing.

  • Since the arrival of Zidane, the team has been playing much better but his Real Madrid side has a lot to improve on various aspects including work rate. The attack needs to contribute much more to the team by participating in defensive duties.

  • Bale and Benzema come off and Madrid hardly create a thing, clear to see who carries the attack..

  • @bradley.fcb That is not entierly true BUT i have to admit : Jese is too selfish, James doesn't matter on the pitch and Kovacic...was he even on the field today?

  • @bradley.fcb or maybe because they were leading 5:0 and Zizou told them to stop scoring?

  • @SynystePL no manager would say that

  • Becoming a predictable pattern when rm face these kind of teams : lots of goals for bbc and an absolute merciless thrashing

  • @MSNism merciless? so 5 goals is merciless but 4 against Betis, Sociedad or Granada is ok? There's no place for mercy in football

  • @SynystePL firstly I commented at half time when it was set to be like 8 or something and plus I never said merciless is bad

  • Ronaldo must be sent off

  • Zidane is related to number five

  • La Liga becomes more and more uninteresting.

  • @BeautifulLoser What? I'd say more and more interesting... Go back to Ligue 1 or Bundesliga then.

  • @Kendev First I go wherever I want to. Second: Money distribution will kill the Liga. I would be dead by now if it weren't for the illegal support from banks and the government. Florentino Perez is basically a gangster. There is much more honesty and competition in EPL and Bundesliga.

  • Despite sporting being weak, this is the best performance i saw from this madrid side in last 2 yrs.

  • It could have been 8-0

  • WhoScored thinks that bicycle kick shots are Big Chances.

  • Another 10 goal drubbing ....

  • Thank you Zine dine Zidane !! what a performance

  • This is the attacking quality every club in the mule league lacks.

  • @Beastador EPL should be boycotted.

  • @Beastador The quality of the goals is amazing, at least for me.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 3:1

  • 4:1

  • Real Madrid against a team battling relegation? Expect a thrashing and CR7 goal fest to ensure he keeps a 1 goal to game ratio

  • @Beastador I wouldn't mind that. It would be a blast if he sucked in top games and lower games as well.

  • 5-0 or 5-1.

  • This time Zidane is expected to start with James, Modric and Kroos in midfield. James is the type of player that has to be in the starting XI to play his best football but on the contrary Isco can come in the pitch in 85th minute and do what he do best. this doesn't mean that Isco should not start but anyway different players, different styles. they will both become undisputed legends of the club if things go well.

  • Another 5-0 win!

  • @Rex pretty close :D If we had a real GK maybe you were perfectly right!

  • Easy win ...ronaldo,bale to score.

  • No missing players. i've not see this for a longtime ago

  • @Logical Sergio Ramos is out for this game.

  • No missing players. i've not see this for a longtime ago

  • I think we've a decent squad to deal with ban. We can call coentrao back.

  • Somebody gives me few sure matches to win for coming weekends , I am losing a lot.I feel I like Real Madrid, Valencia ,Celta Vigo , which one will be the best choice ,please comment. Thanks in advance.By the way , at my place I can bet only La Liga, Serie A and EPL. Please give me some suggestions. Thanks again.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Why does kroos have to play every game?

  • @whiteout_rip_it because he leads the team in assists behind Bale...

  • How well has kovacic done?

  • @kummerspeck do you mean overall till now or in a specific game?

  • @Turan overall?

  • @kummerspeck Players like Varane,Isco,Kovacic and Casemiro if handled properly can really grow to become world class players for Real Madrid.

  • @Turan isco situation s handled badly

  • @kummerspeck Kovacic is a 21 year old Croatian international midfielder that Real Madrid signed from Inter Milan. Having watched almost all the games of Real Madrid this season i can say that he is a really good player overall. He has amazing technical ability, can carry the ball forward directly, can protect the ball well, is quite good at dribbling, runs alot all over the midfield, can play on the sides aswell if the coach asks him to, has good ball recovery and is decent at his defensive duties. One could argue that for a 21 year old, he is very very good. He is very much similar to Modric but with less experience. He also has decent long balls, his vision and passing is accurate while also being able to unleash powerful shots. It is due to his more defensive duties on the pitch that he does not often get the chance to shoot otherwise he would have goals to his name. I think that he is the perfect player to rotate with Modric.

  • @Turan Thanks for the info, even i was befuddled regarding his progress. But i wont guarantee kroos the place

  • Should be a smashing win.