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  • Great away point for Tottenham. City's corners weren't as dangerous as I was expecting and Tottenham showed a lot of resilience. Kulusevski was excellent again.

  • Son scored more goals than Haaland for both Tottenham AND City.

  • Pep should continue to persist on Gvardiol to play as lef-wingback, surely wont get worse

  • I thought that Harry Kane was Tottenham's biggest problem, but it turns out that Son is not a small problem either. :D

  • @Sputnik Tottenham have previously beaten City without Kane playing.


  • Tottenham will dominate at least some periods of possession (as Ange did against City with Celtic). Kulusevski, Lo Celso, Bissouma are a press resilient midfield and Johnson and Gill should find space on the wings. However, with key players missing Tottenham will again likely run out of steam in the second half. City will obviously be a huge threat throughout. Ange has said that he won't to play Dier to combat Haaland in the air. Porro and Royal will be seriously tested by Doku. Tottenham to score from a cut back or penalty (Son) and a mid range shot (Kulusevski). City to score from two corners, two through balls, a mid range shot, and a penalty (Haaland x3 etc.). Man City 6-2 Tottenham

  • Tottenham have shown more than any other team that Man City are beatable - e.g. even with Kane absent and Nuno in charge - but most of those wins were at home and against XG.

  • Tottenham are overdue a penalty this season (most touches in opposition box and no penalty so far). If they get one here it probably won't make a difference to the result but it might be worth a bet.

  • Looks like ice-hockey score indeed. Pitty so many Spurs missings in defence

  • It will be a close game... maybe 2-1 to City.. but the Angel is definitely going down... Spurs will be outside top 4 after new years fixtures and will be very lucky to get back.

  • @GoonerRSA There is a lot of football left to play.

  • @GoonerRSA with all injury returns, I can see Spurs get back to top 4 with ease

  • @Jaffe148 Maddison is back from injury and richarlison?

  • MC 3 - Whingers 1

  • @eastend1 City aren't playing Arteta or Klopp today.

  • @MEHJones Arteta's team, at home, claimed the community shield by winning on penalties after keeping City to 1-1. Then in the EPL, again at home, Arsenal won: 1-0. City at home against Klopp's team drew 1-1 a little over a week ago. Your troll attempt is poor.

  • @Big_Boss Also what sort of deluded narcissist calls themselves Big Boss? Bahahahaha

  • @MEHJones Your ignorance speaks volumes again. Big Boss is a legendary character from one of the most profound games ever made. Nice ad hominem though.

  • @Big_Boss Bahahaha! Even funnier. So you think yourself worthy to use it for your user name. Do you wear a fake eye patch too? Again what does any of that have to do with both Arteta and Klopp being persistent and shameless whingers?

  • @MEHJones He can choose any username, as long as it's not obscene. Also, he did actually destroy you with that comeback. Just take the L. Klopp is indeed a whinger, but Arteta is not.

  • @Big_Boss How What does any of that have to do with both Arteta and Klopp being persistent and shameless whingers?

  • Tottenham have scored in every game this season.

  • 6-1 City will be an absolute hammering here